July 17, 2024

92 thoughts on “Yankees (52-28) @ Mets (37-39) Tuesday, June 25, 2024, 7:10 PM EDT

    1. I know Boone had noted he was going to sit Rice today, so I was prepared for it, but I was prepared for Judge at DH, and Grisham in center, which would have at least been a defensive improvement, but this isn’t even that! DHing Jahmai Jones?!?! What in the WORLD?!?

    1. It’s that important to justify Cashman? I just want Wells to start raking. Couldn’t care less what Rortvedt does anymore.

  1. Back when they had limited player flexibility, all the starters were almost identically unexpectedly good, and all the relievers were so good that we attributed it blindly to the pitching coach, Boone (while making no good moves) made relatively few bad moves (as there were no moves to make).
    That kind of crazy consistent, unfailingly good play, given Boone, means ever more to the Yankees than it would for any other team.

  2. If Volpe makes out to start the game would walking Soto and Judge be wrong? If Volpe makes out and Soto gets on walking Judge would probably be correct considering the way Gleyber and Vertigo are going.

  3. As bad as Gleyber has been this season he’s been much, much worse the last week and a half especially in these situation, hitting 139 last 14 days.
    Verdugo last 14 days 156, last 7 056

  4. Outside of Soto and Judge, calling SS a push, are the Mets better at every position? They have a gigantic edge at 1B and DH. Cash and Boone, Frick and Frack.

  5. Opposing teams should just walk Soto and Judge, especially Judge a lot more than they do. How many men have Gleyber left on base in the last 10 days?

  6. Well, it used to be that a starter returning from injury often struggled in his second start back. And that was one ugly inning by Cole. That the Mutts only got 1-run was something.

  7. They really should at least make him prove he won’t ground out weakly to the same fucking spot every fucking at-bat before they let him play.

    He must be doing the same shit in batting practice, right? If he can’t drive the ball, he can’t drive the ball, why are you letting him play when he can’t drive the ball? Let him heal before you play him.

  8. Is Jones the worst DH in Yankee history? He has to be far and away the worst DH in the majors. And he should not get the number 14, that should be for good players.

    1. The fact that they have Rice on the bench is what makes it just so insane. There were, like, MULTIPLE possibilities here, and they chose the worst one by far.

    2. Rice ABSOLUTELY had to get the start at DH or 1B. As bad as the other guys not named Volpe, Soto and Judge-Jones is the worst of the worst.

  9. Kay should not be making excuses if Cash couldn’t anticipate Stanton missing a big chunk of time and Rizzo might still feel the effect of his concussion and who knows what DJ still had, he shouldn’t be the GM.
    And he shouldn’t. Cash built this team.

    1. Dominguez fucking up his oblique was a legit fluke. But yes, the rest was predictable, but that’s what kills me here, they HAVE an option – Ben Rice, and they’re just not using him!

  10. I know Volpe is young, but dude, you can’t have the pitcher coming into the at-bat knowing that you’re going to swing at anything.

    That’s twice that Peterson absolutely TOYED with Volpe, knowing that he’ll swing at anything

  11. I was heartened to hear that Cash’s new discovery JD Davis has upped his ground ball rate from high to astronomical.
    Sounds like a great fit.

  12. TJ Rumfield June hitting 308/357/585. I bet he has more upside than Davis, he can hit a lot better than Jones, and is a minor league Gold Glove.

    1. JD Davis ground ball % 63.4, Trevino for instance is 44%, Gleyber 35.7% This is what idiot Cash wanted? A ground ball hitter who can’t field and doesn’t have much power. He pairs well with DJ who is 59.4%

  13. Rice 333/742. Jones 190/749 only that high thanks to a misplayed fly ball. Cut Jones and maybe Davis. What can Jones do that Waldo can’t do but less badly. Bring up Rumfield and maybe Vivas or Cowles.

    1. yes, but hopefully they can still find lots of at bats for gleyber, dj, jones, grisham, trevino, and verdugo.

    2. I’m ok with rice sitting, but ferchrissakes he should’ve pinch hit for davis one ab earlier. Could be a very different game

    1. i mean he did pull his groin not so long ago… but i suppose they could field dj at 3b and 2b

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