July 17, 2024

73 thoughts on “Yankees (54-33) vs. Reds (40-45) Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Arias had 3-hits, Lombard a 110.3 MPH HR. They both need to start showing more, having an OP in the 600’s in Low A isn’t good. Arias will turn 20 in September, Lombard just turned 19.

    1. They absolutely must put someone who can get on bases in front of Soto and Judge and the answer is not Volpe. I’d go with Rice, maybe Gleyber, maybe DJ leading off will just try to hit singles and walks. And maybe Soto should lead off. How many more PAs per 9 will Soto and Judge get hitting 1/2 and probably if you don’t have a guy who can get OBP close to 35% that’s the right move.

    1. Still needs improvement in his contact skills would be my guess; 108 K’s to date.

    2. Yeah, since AAA has the robo strike zone, AA has become the place you want players to test themselves against setups more similar to the Majors, and if you want to work on his strike zone, that’s the place to do it.

    1. Yeah, the Martian was obviously a big part of their planning for this season, as injury insurance, and then he got a four-month oblique injury at 21 years old after TJS last year. just madness.

  2. When I first started my job in a loft that was in bad shape the boss hired a buddy from the bar to install a half assed floor he said “it’s more than they deserve.Thats how I feel about Boone and Cash, they’re better than we deserve.

  3. I went to the Buffalo Bisons game last night which wasn’t much, they were down 8-0 before they even batted. This was my first exposure to the ball-strike challenge system, which resulted in two inning-extending two-out walks. I think all 8 runs scored after the first challenged punchie. I’m in favor of making the strike zone fairer and more consistent but I have to say in the moment it felt boring, flat, unpleasant, like chewing on tinfoil. Now, the Bisons pitchers were bad and the hitters had plenty of chances to make it closer but didn’t, so I can’t say it was an unfair result overall, but it was just weirdly deflating.
    Also the scoreboard didn’t show the line score, which my daughter, the most casual of fans, noticed and disapproved of. Also there were cameras at the game but no replays on the scoreboard. I’m prepared to like minor league ball and liked the SI Yankees back in the day but come on, give me a better experience.

  4. I don’t think much of Jones but he’s been swinging the back ok. Far better to let Jones hit vs a RHP than Trent who’s hitting 157 vs a LHP. If they needed a home run I’d go with Trent but not here.

    1. He [Volpe] is just a hot mess at the plate. His 2-run 2B was a blind squirrel moment, like the 2B DJ ha d a few games ago. Two of the top three wRC+ in MLB in the line-up, and the rest is dross.

    2. Gleyber who can’t hit. Gleyber is a lifetime 112 OPS+, Volpe is a sad 87. He had one great month, that’s it.

    3. He’s like Gleyber in that they’re both just guessing out there. Sometimes they guess right, but there is no plan in their at-bats. Total guesswork.

      And he is their leadoff hitter!!

    1. At the very least, he has to play everyday. The STAGGERING amount of stupidity to not play him everyday is just so fucking aggravating.

      Why can’t Verdugo sit if you want to get Jones in there? It is just beyond foolish. Jahmai Jones is the regular DH against lefthanders! This is not a serious team.

    2. I agree but he’s hitting better than anyone not named Judge or Soto.JD OTOH is hitting 071 for the Yankees.

  5. Volpe no walks in the last 7 games including tonight, 3 walks in the last 26 games. He can not bat leadoff but as importantly doesn’t that show he has little grasp of the strike zone? If you can hit 320 with walking that’s ok but if you’re a 250 hitter you’re not very good.

  6. Volpe “I’m trying to stick to my plan, stick to my plan and my approach, day by day trying to stick to it.” What is his plan and his approach?

    1. Yeah, what an absurd thing to say when there plainly is NOT a plan in his at-bats. That really kind of irks me, honestly.

      Good or bad, DJ obviously has a plan out there. Austin Wells had a plan in the ninth. I’ll even allow that Verdugo clearly has a plan. I don’t see a plan for Volpe or Gleyber (or Stanton, for that matter, unless “grip it and rip it” is a plan).

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