July 17, 2024

94 thoughts on “Yankees (51-25) vs. Orioles (48-25) Thursday, June 20, 2024, 4:05 PM EDT

    He doesn’t need to rest AT ALL in his first six games, for Pete’s sake.
    Yes, if you HAD to rest him, that might be a reasonable consideration. But you absolutely don’t.

    1. It’s not about rest, it’s about him not hitting lefties well, so if you’re facing five lefties out of six, he’s going to sit one of those games when you have right-handed hitters to play third and first.

  2. Fuck, Gil, way to choke. You should be listening to Gerrit Cole more often than Carlos Rodon.

    Oh well, at least they got a game in the series, so they’ll still technically be in first place after this game. The Red Sox annoyingly will be only single digits behind them after this, though.

  3. Yankees about to be 4-8 against Baltimore, LA and Boston and 500 against the AL East. Not exactly championship caliber and the Phillies loom.

    1. In many ways they are a hollow team. Too many noodle bats, awful on the base paths, bullpen shaky. Judge and Soto, with hot-June-Stanton cover up a lot of flaws.

  4. When it was twenty-two
    It was a very bad year
    It was a very bad year for city teams
    And they came undone
    When it was twenty-two

    Now it’s twenty-four

    1. It’s not like he’s a veteran who can easily forget this. Boone could be ruining a talent as we watch.

    2. This is who Gil is. He’s going to have runs and he’s going to have starts where he gets bombed because he has no clue where the ball is going and no Plan B when the velo isn’t playing. I’d be shocked if he ends the year under 3.50

  5. Seriously who else would you bring in? I love Tonkin but he’s a journeyman. Not like we’re burning Mo here. At least it’s hot as hell at the Stadium!

    1. Because on the basis of 20 IP, we think this 34 year old is actually a commodity?

  6. Boone is just out of his fucking mind. Tonkin here, but not to keep Cole from getting a loss yesterday. And fuck, if Tonkin WAS going to be the guy, why the fuck wouldn’t you bring him in at the VERY least at 6-0 and a runner on second base?

    1. I wasn’t pissed that Gil gave up the double to Henderson, for instance. Cole ALSO gave up a leadoff double to Henderson. The guy’s a really good hitter. It’s everything else that was the disappointing part.

  7. Brian, may I remind you that Boone, as an in-game manager, is a halfwit lunkhead imbecile? A historically bad manager, one who singlehandedly destroyed the common wisdom that managerial strategy doesn’t really change a team’s won-lost record.
    You may be disregarding this salient fact.

    1. They want to show him that he’s hit rock bottom so he’ll willingly follow whatever Blake says.

  8. After seeing this team the last 6 games it’s hard to believe anyone would have put them at the top of any Power Ranking. So many liabilities…

    Base running (for and against)
    Infield defense
    Bottom of the order

    1. Doesn’t this game have to end by 7:00 so everyone can flip over to FOX for Rickwood game?

  9. And on cue, Waldo then makes an awful error at second. The big difference, though, was that this was stupidity, Gleyber’s error was a lack of hustle.

    Henderson on second. For fuck’s sake, Trevy, please throw him out.

  10. RAB weighs in: “14 runs and 11 strikeouts for this garbagio bullpen this series. Roster spots 19-26 or 20-26 are just so bad.”

    Cash just doesn’t have the proper resources, but you can’t fault any of his decisions.

  11. you guys are giving blake way too much credit. who is his biggest success story, clay? i am not saying he’s bad at his job but we’ve had plenty of shitty pitchers the last few years even if the pitching has been somewhat better than expected.

    the roster sucks in general. i’ll believe the team is serious about winning when they start cutting some dead weight. they can start with two seasons ago and Josh Donaldson, but there are upgrades they should be looking at now.

    Verdugo is one of our good hitters, ops+ 107.

  12. In all fairness, for a good part of this season the Yankees just didn’t give up runs at all. It was hard not to see Blake as some kind of savior.

    Suddenly half the bullpen is as helpless as newborn kittens and the best pitcher in baseball this year couldn’t get an out. Now, of course, it’s hard not to question how much of a savior Blake really is.

  13. Just recently, in almost have a season, they had the best record in baseball having played a much harder schedule than the Phillies. Setting pitching records right and left. FWIW. They can’t be THAT bad.

    1. if carpenter and judge can’t keep this up in the second half this team is going to have real problems.

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