July 17, 2024

35 thoughts on “Yankees (51-26) vs. Braves (41-31) Friday, June 21, 2024, 4:05 PM EDT

  1. They waited too long to challenge. Yankees really have their act together. Not that it matters with two strikes on Stanton who had no shot against Sale’s slider.

    1. Oh, definitely, Rodon is the worst guy for Blake, since he clearly doesn’t listen to Blake. Remember, he even turned his back on Blake last season! Rodon is just a douche. He just has enough stuff that he can sort of get by being a douche. But his stuff is worse since his back injury. Boy, do I dislike Rodon.

    2. Guys like Rodon are like the dudes who are born on third base and think they hit a triple. He has this great stuff, and he’s, like, “Okay, I’m done.” While if he just fucking learned how to actually PITCH, he’d be amazing.

  2. Rodan 13 runs in the last 8.2, let’s be generous and call it 9 innings. Does Blake get any blame? Did the White Sox and Giants know something s neither team tried very hard to retain Rodan.

  3. I asked Katie Sharp who was the last Yankee pitcher to give up 13 runs over 2 games. Her answer will shock you.

    Carlos Rodon last September.

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