July 17, 2024

102 thoughts on “Yankees (51-24) vs. Orioles (47-25) Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

    1. The 1b/3b rotation to keep djlm in the lineup sucks, it’s just that getting Cabrera in the lineup isn’t better.

    1. I look forward to the O’s releivers getting the chance to stifle the Yankees, why should they be left out

    1. 67 pitches last time and the 8/9 batters up. Since when do you throw fewer pitches than the previous start?

    2. Higher stress than mil innings and more adrenaline. They are playing it safe with their best pitcher.

    1. I don’t know if Jamhai Jones career OPS+ 44 counts as a CT, more like an indictment of Cash. You can’t have a Jones and a Grisham on your team.

    2. I’d rather have used Wells. Not that that would be what you would’ve wanted.

    1. Felt like it to me. Right guy “right” time (I don’t think there’s ever a right time but)…

  1. Jones OPS+ 44 and dropping but he gets the key AB of the game over Waldo or Wells. Over Waldo? More astonishing is that he’s on this team. Over Waldo?

    1. He’s been terrible for a month. For the year his WHIP is over 1.3 which is terrible for a closer.

  2. If their catcher can be run against by everyone that’s a major problem. When every walk or single becomes a double or triple you can’t really win games. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as poor a few games as this week by a C. And yeah Boone is an idiot.

    1. They were pointing out the other day that Trevi has been above average throwing guys out this year. What happened?

  3. Last 5 games, 14 days, before tonight hitters batting 364/909 vs Holmes. Last 7days 500/1400. Even last 28 days 318/802. Right now Holmes is a liability. When he’s bad he’s REALLY BAD, last August he had a 7.84 era.

    1. if his jump was a step less shitty the call wouldn’t have been overturned.

      how are there so many players on this team that could be replaced by generic talent and we’d never notice or the team would even improve?

    1. I can’t remember two worse bench hitters than Grisham and Jones.

      Grisham is A. a great defender and B. a necessary evil in getting Soto.

      It’s Jones that just makes no sense for him to still be on the Major League roster instead of a guy who can hit at ALL.

  4. Judge instead of Grissom probably would have won this game.
    Having 2 better relievers – or all the relievers not slumping would have won this game.
    Having a better manager, meaning less bat-shit insane bench usage and bullpen usage and possibly another out from Cole, might well have won this game.

    Really good to see a really good offensive game from Volpe. (Just so long as what Volpe needs is not Judge to be absent.) Apparently a decent game from Rice? That could make a huge difference.

    1. Okay, watched the condensed game. Some great fielding – Volpe, Verdugo… Rice smacked the ball, only a great play turned a double into a sac fly in a crucial position.
      Really all on the bullpen and – especially – the manager.

  5. I do not get the thing with Trevino.
    Weakest arm among catchers, but one of the best pop times – so he makes up for it with footwork, transfer time, and he must get rid of it as quickly as Marino. Until suddenly he can’t throw anyone out. Again, the claim is that it’s because of his weak arm. But that’s been true for years (they have the stats, I checked). And it never led to him being unable to throw people out. So that is NOT THE EXPLANATION. It’s so bizarre.
    But one thing is true – if he can’t throw ANYBODY out, he can’t play that position. Good for Wells, yes?

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