June 18, 2024

34 thoughts on “Yankees (5-0) @ Diamondbacks (3-2), Tuesday, April 2, 2024, 9:40PM EDT

  1. on the one hand cortes isn’t getting creamed, on the other, there are only so many hijinx-like double plays the Yankees can muster

    Edit: nvm, dbacks’s exit velos are mostly 104+

    1. Concur and Kay could talk baseball all day with Cole … mostly variations on “does it suck that you’re hurt?”

    2. “Gerrit, how is it to be a yankee after being a childhood fan? has it changed since the last time I asked?”

    1. i think Blake has organizational influence, and I think cousins will be demoted after this game. so soak up innings in a a loss and fine tune in the minors

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