June 18, 2024

65 thoughts on “Yankees (4-0) @ Diamondbacks (3-1), Monday, April 1, 2024, 9:40PM EDT

    1. If Volpe’s plate discipline lasts into May (unlike last year), then he could bat leadoff.

    1. He’s the main women’s basketball announcer (NCAA and WNBA). It’s basically the Mike Breen path. Just do EVERYthing until you get a prestige gig.

  1. I really want to say I told you so, but I’m not going to put in the effort to find the “as bad as things are, they can certainly get lucky and kick ass in the tough opening of the season.” Maybe later.

    Anyway, this is fun. It really looks like there’s more of the team NOT hitting that should than hitting that shouldn’t.

  2. I didn’t like Boone pulling Gil with one out before he completed the 5th inning… would have been nice for him to get the win.

    Then the guy who replaces him promptly gives up a hit…. Diamondbacks are about to score 5 because of Boone….

    1. He sure has made a difference. The only aberration has really been Montgomery, but I’m not sure if that was prior to Blake really coming into power…

  3. Hypothetically, if a pitcher were to stash a little Spider Tack in the neighborhood of the ol’ taintarooski, and was just shameless about digging in there between pitches, would the umps dare to search him?

    1. “Ol’ Taintarooski” would be a good old-timey nickname for Holmes

  4. Jesus, how tiny is Volpe? Meredith looks like the Juggernaut next to him. Or maybe that’s just because she’s wearing red. And is invulnerable.

    1. Meredith is pretty tall, wasn’t she like a D1 softball player? And also is actually a superhero with superpowers

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