June 18, 2024

107 thoughts on “Yankees (3-0) @ Astros (0-3), Sunday, March 31, 2024, 2:10PM EDT

  1. What sucks is that better framing would have gotten Schmidt a strike on either the 1-2 pitch or the 2-2 pitch, but the fact of the matter is that Schmidt just missed his spot by way too much on both pitches. Trevino couldn’t do anything with them.

  2. I noticed that Tucker led the American League in RBI last year with just 112, and that inspired the following trivia question, “What was the last full MLB season where a league leader in RBI had less than 110?”

    1. It’s gotta be something like they think this helps him mentally so they don’t want to mess with what’s working, because yeah, he’s been hitting the ball so well (heck, that out he just made was even very well struck) that you’d think he’d hit higher in the lineup (Verdugo can go to the #9 hole any day now).

  3. There is no big deal about a 3-1 start to the season, especially when the ‘Mighty Diamondbacks’ lie directly ahead.

    The 2024 ‘Season of Gloom’ is upon you.

    1. I want verdugo to be good only so the Yankees can get a solid return for him when Dominguez returns.

    1. The glove area part of the rule makes it hard to overturn unless the call is obviously wrong

  4. Anybody got tips on changing my avatar pic? I was directed to a site called Gravatar, uploaded a pic, it wanted a lot more info that I declined to provide, pic seems not to have been applied

    1. Stanton couldn’t, on accounta when you move around money you’ve stolen, that’s considered laundering.

    2. And maybe clone him? This is a highly unregulated market where the Yankees could press their financial advantages. It worked for the Empire, until it didn’t.

  5. Don’t be fooled by a 4-0 start, hell the Mets are…. checks standings…. 0-3. What’s the difference with so many games remaining? In fact, the Cheatstros are 0-4, but we know how mighty they are at cheating.

    And now, into the teeth of ‘The Mighty Diamondbacks’. The 2024 ‘Season of Gloom’ is here.

    1. So far i’d like a reply to reply more than a block. we had some nice conversations that used to go, even on the last iteration.

    1. He got cuffed around in his first start though. Maybe he gets a pass for the long road trip.

  6. First game I saw this year, not bad. New site, ‘Stros sweep, even an SG sighting! Not bad.

    Used to post as Jerry Seinfeld, now this. We’ll see how this goes! How bad could it be?

  7. Katie Sharp Yankees with at least .500 BA, .600 OBP, .750 SLG in player’s first 4 games of season (min. 20 PA):
    Juan Soto 2024
    Derek Jeter 2005

    I have no recollection

  8. They had Hernandez miked for a half inning and he got a lot of questions about Betts at SS and one thing Hernandez carefully did not say was “he’s great at the position”

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