June 18, 2024

143 thoughts on “Yankees (5-1) @ Diamondbacks (4-2), Wednesday, April 3, 2024, 3:40PM EDT

    1. It’s always been a mechanical issue, dating back to his highschool/college days. He fights with his mechanics, cant command anything, then he either hurts himself or figures it out and blows people away until his mechanics get out of whack again.

    1. I think Kelly deserves a lot of the credit, as he’s obviously deking them into thinking that certain pitches are better to hit than they really are. LOTS of pop ups and weak grounders.

    2. For sure, I was pointing out they’ve hit a lot of flies to that exact spot.

    1. It is weird, but it was all in one motion. If you tagged out a guy on an attempted steal but lose the ball in the swipe, he’s safe too

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