July 17, 2024

22 thoughts on “Yankees (48-21) @ Royals (39-29) Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 8:10 PM EDT

  1. First game I ever went to was at YS against KC. My dad, who’s a big Cardinals fan, took me. He loathed Jack Clark for reasons not fully clear to me.

    Clark came to bat in the middle of the game and hit a ball over the left field wall that Bo Jackson leapt and caught. My father leaned over and (very seriously) said, “I told you Jack Clark sucks.”

    Frank White drove in the eventual winning run. A couple of years ago, I met his son, who’s the director of the transit system in KC, at an industry event. I mentioned to him that I had fond memories of my first game and told him that his dad had been involved. When he figured out that this had been against the Yankees and that I was a Yankee fan, he became noticeably cooler. I later asked a question at the event and he replied, “does anyone have a better question than this gentleman?”

    I guess the rivalry really once mattered to people!

  2. A six run first should require a spoiler alert. Move the first to the 9th and then start with the second to enhance suspense. Can I do that on Prime?

    1. I’ve heard good things about the seventh SP on the depth chart too. He’s just been promoted to AAA. Think his name is Garrett Kohl?

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