June 18, 2024

32 thoughts on “Yankees (47-21) @ Royals (39-28) Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 8:10 PM EDT

    1. He’s catching again tonight. No write ups on his defense at either position?

  1. Peraza with a very rare good game. Be nice to see him get his act together. Rumfield Scranton 1b 4/4 up to 301/813. He doesn’t have the upside of The Martian but PA wrote “He’s a legitimate prospect thanks to his excellent bat-to-ball skills and quality defense at first. He doesn’t have the max exit velocities or lift ability that you’d like for a first baseman, but he consistently hits it hard enough.”

    1. Rizzo is very likable. But so am I. And I am about as useful to the Yankees as he is. Time to send him home.

    2. they’re doing pretty well considering the subpar efforts of 3b, 2b, 1b, c, and dh.

    3. I agree, those ground balls weren’t smoked and they were ground balls. Rizzo
      needs to put it in the air and in the stands to really be an asset.

    4. The last ground ball that was an error was over 100 MPH. The other two were both over 95 MPH. Those are legit hard hit balls. But yes, the last two at-bats were really bad.

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