June 18, 2024

54 thoughts on “Yankees (46-21) @ Royals (39-27) Monday, June 10, 2024, 8:10 PM EDT

  1. I won’t front, when he took two pitches down the middle and then fouled off a ball way out of the zone, i thought, “Is he going to have injury lag like every other yankee?” I should have known better.

  2. I seriously don’t care about this game. last night took it out of me. I turned off the TV when I saw the Yankee announcers. not tonight, devil, not tonight!

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    1. I did once, was there for work and got both MO stadiums inside of a week. Negro League museum, Arthur Bryant’s BBQ and then a night cap to catch the Royals & white Sox in a meaningless Sept game. But it was a nice night, and great seats down the RF line.

    1. Watched the first season. It was … ok. A bit better than the last few seasons of Game of Thrones.

  3. this is the pitcher we thought we were getting. maybe with fewer ks tonight but he’s on a real nice run. and that black and purple mitt is pretty cool, and i need a new one.

    1. my only quibble was that i felt he could challenge the hitters a little more. i hate completely wasted pitches, but you know, it turns out i have very limited mlb experience.

  4. If this Rodon without the strikeouts is maintainable, then his recover has been amazing. But Rodon without the strikeouts isn’t something I’m totally sold on yet. Baseball used to have lots of pitchers like that, these days not so much. COULD it be maintainable?

    Weird game. Somehow, without Judge, without Volpe, really, without Stanton, without a really impressive options, and with only the 3 strikeouts for Rodon, they won it. But it would be more encouraging if Volpe kept hitting, if both the pitching and the offense looked more formidible. Weird game.

  5. Volpe, I think, is closer to what he can be, but not there yet.
    My guess is that he just has one approach. Last year it was trying to hit consistently for power – didn’t work out at all.
    This year it’s consistently giving himself away slapping the ball to the opposite field. Better.
    But when you only do one thing, I bet it’s much easier for the pitchers to adjust.
    He has some power. He needs to be able to pick his spots, often just getting on base, sometimes going for the xbh. In other words, he needs to make himself harder to adjust to.

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