June 18, 2024

44 thoughts on “Yankees (32-15) vs. White Sox (14-32), Sunday, May 19, 2024, 1:35 PM EDT

  1. I was on the subway yesterday and this woman was wearing a Remillard pin stripe jersey. I thought Remillard was a hockey player..

    1. Trevino was one of Cash’s best moves, if not the very best, and it only happened because Rortvedt got hurt. Sometimes you get lucky.

    1. I guess we’ll never know whether Sterling’s call would have been “Bye Bye Berti”, or an oblique and incomprehensible reference to Berti’s Sicilian ancestry.

  2. Did you know? The Yankees have the best record in baseball v teams over 500 at 15-7. The Phillies, who currently have the best overall record, are 1-2 vs >500.

    1. That’s pretty crazy how few +.500 teams the Phillies have played.

      Also, are the Yankees … good?

  3. Watched the first episode of the doc about the 1990 Yankees, so much I don’t remember. Mel Hall brought two cougars to the clubhouse and the prom photo of his 15 year old girlfriend in the yearbook. Pascual Perez. And of course George.

  4. Kirschner Yankees sweep the White Sox and win today’s game 7-2.

    The Yankees are 33-15. It’s the same record they had in 2022 at this point in the season.

    This team seems much more real than that did at the time.

    1. I think it’s because this team is doing it with A. No Gerrit Cole and B. No fluky Matt Carpenter heroics. So it seems more sustainable.

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