June 18, 2024

86 thoughts on “Yankees (31-15) vs. White Sox (14-31), Saturday, May 18, 2024, 1:05 PM EDT

    1. Punching them right back in the dick. Could that actually be a new thing for the Yankees?

  1. A revitalized Tommy Pham on the Orioles is going to annoy me.

    Also, Pham was cheap. I get he’s a head case, but the Mariners have no hitting at all, they couldn’t take a flier on this guy?

  2. It would be nice if Yankee starters would stop giving up a single first inning run, but as they say in therapy, that’s working around the margins

  3. I really think Rizzo might be still feeling some effects of it. He doesn’t seem to pick pitches up as well as he used to. However, he could just be getting older period, and this is just natural decline.

    1. I dunno, the last few days none of the lefties have been hitting, at least till Soto today.

    1. With them having to re-sign Soto, I don’t think there’s any chance that Gleyber gets a QO. If the Yankees retain Soto, their offense will likely be good enough that they can go defense-first at second base next season, so presumably Peraza. Right now, Gleyber is basically just DJ returning away from batting 8th, ya know?

  4. I know it’s just the White Sox, but this is exactly what a good pitcher should do against the White Sox. 14 Ks is impressive no matter the team.

    1. if this happens I’m rooting for the Mets until gil and rice are liberated, Vichy style

    2. A six man rotation seems right for a while. Unless Gil has an innings limit I’d like him to stay stretched out. Maybe use Cole as an opener until he’s stretched.

    3. I’d bet on Gil having an innings limit/work load limit around below the 150 inning range.

      His career high it 96 innings in 2019, there was no 2020, he threw 79 innings in 21, and lost the last 2 years to injury. By the time Cole comes back he’ll be in the 70+ inning range. They should get him starts here and there, but the BP makes sense.

    4. idk clay, as in who the fuck knows. I think it’ll depend largely on his elbow and shoulder strength w the resistance fuckamaroo methods they have now. id be surprised if he doesn’t start to fatigue sometimes soonish and picks back up in the second half. hell probably end up 110-120 performance depending.

    1. Welp, after that helicopter in Iran it looks like the Yankees can start booking WWIII vets.

    1. It’s kind of nuts that Dennis Santana is having a perfectly cromulent season, and he’s barely even mentioned, because they haven’t been forced into needing a lot of these guys lately.

    1. It would be supremely funny if they really do have a friendly competition over it

    2. 1961 Mantle 1135, Maris 993
      1927 Ruth 1258, Gehrig 1240
      1937 Gehrig 1116, Joe D 1085
      2014 Gardy 749, Els 747

    1. Definitely, but that speaks to why Preller was so bizarre to insist on King when he should have looked for prospects instead.

      Also, if the Yankees had kept Thorpe, they could have traded him for Dylan Cease.

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