June 18, 2024

87 thoughts on “Yankees (30-15) vs. White Sox (14-30), Friday, May 17, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Hoch DJ LeMahieu rehab, take II. Aaron Boone has said that it’s possible LeMahieu could rejoin the Yankees during their upcoming road trip:”

    So let’s make sure they rush DJ back before he’s ready to contribute when the team is doing just fine. I was kind of hoping he would retire. I’ll be really surprised if DJ is ever again what he was the years he was great. His career OPS+ is 102.

    I think they’re handling it a bit differently than the past, though. For him to return by the road trip, he would have had played basically a week’s worth of rehab games. That’s a lot of rehab games. I think they’re explicitly trying to make sure he is ACTUALLY healthy before they let him return, for the very reason you would be rightfully concerned about him returning not fully healed.

    1. But he’s not going to play every day at first. The thing is no need now so let him take his time.

    1. by God he’s done it. ujd has transcended beyond mere comprehendible utterance

  2. Never heard of half of today’s White Sox lineup. Suffice it to say I should not have searched “Mendick third base” without my VPN and Safesearch.

    Okay, maybe I’m trying too hard to recreate the magic of that old Nick Johnson “Ramses” thread…

    1. He did pitch an inning on Tuesday. So yeah, he’s rested, bring him in to try and clean up Hamilton’s mess.

    1. If you swing hard enough, you’re always in scoring position.

      – Fritz Peterson

  3. If the playoffs were held today Baltimore would be the 4 seed with a 667 winning% and Seattle would be the 3 seed with a 533%. That makes sense. And this is how I envision the Yankees getting getting eliminated as a wild card.

    1. In game 163. Because the Yankees failed to complete the sweep last week.

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