June 18, 2024

57 thoughts on “Yankees (29-15) @ Twins (24-18), Thursday, May 16, 2024, 1:10 PM EDT

    1. Soto has had a really rough past week+

      Judge had his to start the season. And has been locked in for all of may. He’s slugging .820 over the past 15 days and .957 over the past 7. Not including today

  1. Schmidt is exciting. Intriguing. Schmidt could be great.
    Gil, maybe, too.
    If it’s up to me, neither of them is leaving the rotation.

    1. I know. But I dislike it. I’d take a chance on Schmidt and Gil before Rodon, Stroman or even Nestor.

    2. I feel you, but the guy’s coming off surgery. It would be unwise long-term to push him too hard.

  2. Torres determined to change my opinion of him. OK Gleyber, challenge accepted, let’s see if you can push your OPS all the way up to 615.

  3. Yesss!
    I was REALLY worried that after the booted ball there’d be a screw-everything-up HR – and it would have been even worse off the bat of a cheater who should have been out of baseball.

  4. is clarke better than king?

    incredible road trip.

    brian, could you extend the login token until the yanks win four world series in a row? i hate having to login too often so 2027 should work.

  5. That was about as good a series as they’ve had in years. 4-5 runs scored a game, 1 run allowed, against a good team that was playing great.
    And before anyone says “it’s the Twins” didn’t they beat us in last years season series?
    Not as satisfying as sweeping Houston to open up the season but still a really good showing.

    1. The finale WAS something like, “And then a bunch of cool shit happened, and he was Shogun,” so I can see why they’d like to actually SHOW all the cool shit.

    2. My memory of the book is pretty vague, but the ending somewhat resembled what I recall, so I guess it’s all new material?

      I’m cautiously optimistic. They did a good job with season one, I’ll look forward to 2.

    3. I liked the ending. Thought it fit well thematically. Didn’t need to see the pure action parts. Not that I’m mad about samurai action, but I thought the show tied together well.

    1. I think you can still give kudos if you think Cash letting King start for a couple of months allowed the Yankees to keep Schmidt in the deal. Basically, by letting King start for a couple of months, the Yankees created an asset good enough to get Juan Soto (when paired with Drew Thorpe) out of basically nowhere.

    2. Cash is the guy who decided whether he gets to start or not, though. Cash could have picked up a veteran fifth man starter, instead. He let them stretch King out, and it create a wonderful trade asset, that he then flipped for Juan Soto, while protecting Schmidt.

      I’d have much rather have traded Schmidt than King, but just HAVING King as a starter kept them from having to trade Schmidt.

  6. Jack Curry My “Yankees News & Views” podcast interview with Hal Steinbrenner can be seen on the YES App or listened to on Apple podcasts or Spotify. Steinbrenner discussed Juan Soto’s impact and future, his relationships with Cole and Judge, what he learned from his father and a lot more.

    I haven’t listened to it.

    1. Let’s hope so but he’s older than the Martian was, he played at Vandy and was in AA last year. Maybe he needs time to adjust to his new stance or maybe his new stance is the problem.

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