June 18, 2024

29 thoughts on “Yankees (28-15) @ Twins (24-17), Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 7:40 PM EDT

    1. i still say pay the man but his numbers have become somewhat more pedestrian over the last couple of weeks.

      on the plus side has been watching Judge come back to life.

    1. They’d look a lot better with Buxton instead of the clown who’s been butchering center field in the first two

    1. Castro is handing doubles out like candy when he’s not forgetting how many outs there are!

    1. Why didn’t he come out for the 7th? Feel like low 90s means out to start the next inning. Or should.

    2. Yeah, again, I’m usually in favor of pushing guys but I can’t be too upset about it tonight.

    1. i was thinking about this because I recently heard “Weaver”, felt the shadow of doom cast upon me, and then actually had to try and figure out why. i literally do not remember Jeff Weaver. also, did you know he had s brother who was, like, actually good at pitching? this is how deep the trauma runs.

  1. Yankees dangerously close to the all OPS+ > 100 and all starters ERA+ > 100 BR page. And Xanadu of all relievers ERA+ > 100 needs Fergson and Santana moved off the list for Marinaccio and

    Trevino OPS+ 122 with more games but I think less starts than Wells OPS+ 85 and rising.

    Torress not holding up his end of the bargain, OPS+ 67 with no end in sight.

    Cortes ERA+ 97 coming off a clunker.

    1. Cortes, though, has been victimized by some ridiculous bad luck, his numbers should be significantly better. Not ideal, but better. And even then you only need 3 points.

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