June 18, 2024

60 thoughts on “Yankees (33-15) vs. Mariners (25-22) Monday, May 20, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

    1. I think it’s odd TBH. Berti is a good contact hitter and fast. Def hit it tailor made but I’d like him for an RBI in that situation

  1. The FG chat today was asked if Torres should get a qo. Guy said yes but Torres shouldn’t take it. Makes me wonder how much baseball that guy watches

    1. I wouldn’t have left him in to start the 8th. He was losing the plate in the 6th and 7th. TBF the HR had nothing to do with that but still.

    1. I thought they changed it this year so it has to be within ten seconds or something but it sure seems like that isn’t enforced

    1. The walks are annoying…but that was some atrocious defense and some very weak hits

    1. Two of their hits left the bat at about 45 MPH. Gleyber for whatever reason decided to throw. And Judge chose not to catch a very catchable ball. This is more “luck” than “scrap.”

    1. That’s Holmes. I hope he doesn’t have one of those months like he did last year. August 7.84 era.

    1. As long as we have Soto Judge is the CF.

      You don’t think Judge can learn how to play left field? How can that possibly be harder than center field?

  2. TBH they’ve been playing so well that almost every loss can be considered worst loss of the year. Most of the time one more hit or one less GIDP would have made the difference.

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