June 18, 2024

64 thoughts on “Yankees (22-13) vs Tigers (18-15), Sunday, May 5, 2024, 1:35 PM EDT

    1. This is what’s called “shifting the Overton window.”

      Though when the umps find out, they’ll penalize the Yankees because shifts are now illegal.

  1. Well, that swing was borderline. But not obviously wrong.

    The previous two pitches (a ball and a strike) really were in exactly the same spot, but overall the umpiring hasn’t been bad – if I were to judge by Yankee behavior, I’d presume it was miserable.

  2. This kind of thing makes me nervous. I sometimes wonder whether pitchers don’t care too much about inherited runners, since they don’t affect their stats (they should – how crazy is it that a run scores while you’re pitching and it isn’t counted against you – at all?).

    1. I don’t think so, they’re all competitive and I don’t think any pitcher likes giving up walk or hits, leaving aside the stats part. And teammates and teh front office know who did what

    2. That wasn’t predictable. Which is why it was so easy to predict, I guess.

  3. I want pitcher stats recalculated so that starters aren’t penalized for this kind of thing. And so relief pitchers are. Or weighted – but more toward the guy who actually lets the runs score.

    1. I have mentioned this before but long ago BP (I think) came up with a way to distribute run from inherited runners more “equitably” but it didn’t catch on and not all inherited runner situations are created equal. For example, with a 6 run lead a pitcher loses it and walks the bases full with no outs. In this situation you can’t expect a clean sheet from a reliever and in fact you would gladly trade some runs for outs.

  4. Looking for something on whether inherited runners are more likely to score than runners without a pitching change. Haven’t found anything yet.

  5. UJD, I can’t agree. Yes, they’re competitive, but that sets the baseline. Beyond that, you can’t say “everything’s the same nothing makes any difference to them because they’re competitive and that trumps everything.” They bear down when they know it counts – and the game tells them that this doesn’t count. I mean, it counts some – the second run was a blown save. But every other inherited run wouldn’t count against them.

  6. I want to know:
    *Do inherited runners score more often than runners in other situations?
    *Does a given pitcher allow inherited runners to score more often than other runners (that is, if he comes in with runners on 1st & 2nd vs if he starts the inning and then ends up with his own runners on 1st and 2nd)?

  7. Always wondered: why don’t they tag up from first on those? If it’s any farther, there’s no advantage being closer to 2nd base.

  8. Mets pull defeat from the jaws of victory. Nothing like your closer allowing a game tying HR with 2 outs and 2 strikes.
    Also glad thd yanks let Bader go. Rotvert on the other hand – can he actually play?

    1. Oh, he’s not a .350 hitter, of course, but he’s a very good defender, so he only needs to hit a little to be a useful player. The problem is that Trevy is a VERY similar player, only, you know, a better defender, and a more proven hitter in the Majors. So they had to make the move. It just sucks.

  9. Sunday Night Baseball doing a featurette on how players and coaches crush dozens of cheese steaks is, at long last, news I can use

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