June 18, 2024

55 thoughts on “Yankees (23-13) vs Astros (12-22), Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Verlander wasn’t worthy of being in Pinstripes, at least two times over. Yet the same guy who had no interest in him on those occasions is still the GM here.

    1. Has Vertigo changed his approach now that the Green Monster is out of the picture replaced by the short porch?

  2. I absolutely hate Verdugo being the straw that stirs the drink. How much says they extend him and not Soto?

    The Yankees will regret not doing more damage there.

    1. Verdugo really does look like he should be on the Red Sox, doesn’t he?

  3. They could use the warm, cozy feeling inside I get from the Yankees kicking the shit out of Verlander to fuel the next decade of Hallmark Christmas specials.

    1. Guy goes back to his small-town home and unexpectedly falls in love with Luis Gil

  4. RAB 15 degree launch angle is *insane*. Barely got off the ground. Only the 40th homer at 15 degrees or less in the Statcast era (since 2015). That’s out of nearly 50,000 homers. Stanton has five of the 50. No one else has more than two.
    118.8 MPH

    1. Dave Winfield hit a lot of line drive HR’s. I remember a few in KC.

    1. I don’t wish ill on a hometown kid with family in the stands, but he’s an Astro so fuck him

    2. I never came near those lofty heights but maybe he’s nervous about whatever his wiseass dad will say later.

      My dad came down for a game against Poly Prep one time. In my first two ABs, I fouled out on lazy popups behind first base. As I came up the third time, my dad yelled out, “maybe try the third baseman this time.” And when I fouled out to first again, he got up and left!

    3. It’s ok. When you hit .240 in HS, you’ve definitely heard it all before.

    1. As a 41 year old, I can confirm successfully pitching against the Yankees would be impossible.

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