June 18, 2024

16 thoughts on “Yankees (21-13) vs Tigers (18-14), Saturday, May 4, 2024, 1:05 PM EDT

  1. Schmidt with yet another start that was good enough to allow his team to win. He does that a lot – 3 runs or less. If only he can go 6 innings instead of 5.

    Maybe Rizzo isn’t cooked.

    The ump is a moron. And mlb never demotes these guys the way a team would a player. Angel H still has a job!

  2. Schmidt isn’t “just good enough” – not long ago a lot of us weren’t sure he belonged in the rotation at all. Now he’d clearly be a great 5 or even 4. And it’s not like he’s barely holding on – he’s pretty awesome, racking up the strikeouts and having easy innings – until he hits that bump in the road.

    That suggest to most of us, I think, that it’s psychological. The ability is there, so maybe he’ll get over it and then he’d be something special.

    I will add that I do put some of this on the team – we saw them taking him out at the first sign of trouble in a game where they had room to leave him in. If they consistently TELL him that way “we think you break down around the 5th inning”, there’s no way he can fail to see it. And most of us have some sensitivity to how we’re seen. They really should be pushing him, training him, to go longer, and they’re not.

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