June 18, 2024

23 thoughts on “Yankees (15-8) vs. Athletics (9-14), Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

    1. Since Toronto, they’ve gotten a string of good pitchers who are on good tears (Gausman excepted, but he has the best track record of all of them), with Tyler Anderson the only iffy guy.

      Bassitt, Kikuchi, Gausman, Anderson, Efflin, Civale, Sears, and now Blackburn.

      That’s a lot of pitchers in a row without a dud. The Guardians series was more normal (Carrasco, McKenzie and Allen), and they hit the Guardians pretty well.

      You’re going to get good starters, of course, but there are a TON of dud starters out there, the Yankees just haven’t been getting them lately.

  1. NOBODY could’ve POSSIBLY PREDICTED this: Yankees announce that DJ LeMahieu left tonight’s @SOMPatriots game with soreness in his right foot. He will return to New York for examination tomorrow.

    1. I didn’t really watch him in ST, but it does look like he’s added a bit more uppercut in his swing, which would be nice.

    2. Inevitable after going from aluminum bats, where most players don’t really need that uppercut to hit the ball far.

    1. They did a very nice job, but it’s so weird that there’s all this awesome story stuff left to tell (about his battles for his title) and it just, like, won’t be told.

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