June 18, 2024

91 thoughts on “Yankees (15-7) vs. Athletics (8-14), Monday, April 22, 2024, 1:05 PM EDT

    1. Don’t know who the radio guys are, but I’m putting that audio on. Got to be an improvement.

  1. Very poor start for Wendlestedt. Not only does he eject Boone for no reason, he then calls the next pitch to Nevin a strike. That had to have been four inches off the plate.

  2. Now that he’s healthy, I’ve really been impressed by Trevino’s hitting. He’s never going to be a great hitter, but he just needs to not be like he was last year when he played hurt all (half) season.

    1. The A’s pitcher made Gleyber look like a little kid, whiffing badly on three pitches. The first two pitches made it clear that Gleyber had NO idea where the ball was, and so he stuck with the same pitch, and Gleyber struck out swinging, again, clearly with no sense of where the ball was. Just really bad.

  3. Nothing like slogging through 8 innings of offensive futility in a day game against scrubs only to torch it all in the 9th with a guy who ain’t got it, and couldn’t field it.

    1. The tricky thing is that I can’t even blame them too much for not making a move, when they have Kahnle, Effross and Trivino coming back soon.

      I do blame them for not making a move, though. Just not TOO much.

    1. Gee, I thought they’d be better than that when they don’t score. That’s really bad.

  4. so i was digging into the numbers and it appears that the differential with Judge’s woba and xwoba is considerable, a 10% delta. Have no fear, he’s due.

    1. wouldn’t mind seeing:

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