June 18, 2024

48 thoughts on “Yankees (14-6) vs. Rays (11-10), Saturday, April 20, 2024, 1:05 PM EDT

  1. Jahmai Jones OPS+ 26. What they’re not starting Grisham AND Taylor Trammel? Why did Cash want Trammel? If you count Waldo and Stanton that’s 7 outfielder on the 26 man with Pereira and The Martian waiting.

  2. And they’re right, it’s offensive that that move is being held to be illegal. Why can’t he do anything not forbidden in the interests of pitching – that is, deceiving the hitter? And it’s fun. You wouldn’t want the game to be, you know – entertaining, would you?!

    If you’re not allowed to deceive a hitter, then not only should quick-pitching be illegal – hiding pitch calls should be illegal.

    It’s so stupid.

  3. Except for Soto the Yankee offense yesterday was Tampa’s defense. No better today. Judge is at 184/698, Rizzo is at 238/615. I’m not worried about Judge but I have little faith in Rizzo.

    1. Absolutely. What did they have, 5 hits for the game? And one walk, or am I misremembering? And yes, at least one or two of those hits were hardly hits.

  4. Have the pitchers just figured Volpe out? If Soto ever gets any support. Right now they cant sit Stanton and I never thought I’d be saying that.

  5. Nestor’s greatness deserved more than the hitter’s feebleness. One legit hit other than Soto.
    They’re letting Jones hit? is Gleyber hurt?

  6. Has Judge ever looked this bad? Good news Trammel hitting second in the 10 because they wouldn’t put Stanton in the field. Fergy 5.87 ERA in. Does Booner trust him over Gonzalez?

  7. Just an ugly, boring game. But they are 14-7 and they aren’t winning 2/3rds of their games for the entire season, so a correction is incoming.

  8. Gonzales has a 1.23 ERA, Fergy 5.5 before this game. Why does Booner trust Fergy more.
    In a scoreless game Stanton should’ve stayed in to play the field.
    Weaver should’ve pitched 2 innngs.
    Gleyber should’ve hit for Jones earlier.
    Just a few of Booner’s boners.
    Of course this is more on the hitting than Booner.

  9. Judge, Soto, Stanton, Rizzo, Gleyber, Volpe- #surprising.

    Katie Sharp: Yankees Fewest HR in First 21 Games, Last 20 Seasons:

    2014 – 18
    2024 – 22
    2016 – 22
    2008 – 23

  10. I think the Yankees have faced an inordinate amount of good pitching so far this season, so I’m not too worried about it.

    But yes, it sucks and is very annoying.

    Almost as annoying as a House Money lineup in Game 2 of a series.

    1. I thought you were leaping out from around a corner trying to scare our best pitcher!

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