June 18, 2024

37 thoughts on “Yankees (13-6) vs. Rays (11-9), Friday, April 19, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Hahahaha holy shit there’s a commercial on Gameday about “responsible sports betting”

    Sensing a certain amount of flop sweat here

  2. Beeter off a terrific outing, a not so terrific 4ip 5r 4h 4BB 5k

    Vrieling OTOH his third terrific start in a row 7.2ip 0r 0h 6K 2BB. His era now 0.48, in 18+ip he’s given up 1 run and 5 hits. He’s the first Yankee to start his pro career at AA in years. He went to Gonzaga which is not an actual college.

  3. No cheapie ground balls errors or weak line drives for Soto. Will we be pissed when Cohen steals him because Hal gave Cash a hard and fast budget.

    1. Maybe Hal can sell a piece to an Oil Shiek and skip the toilets, just give him the bullion.

  4. The starting pitching hasn’t been great but on balance better than I feared. The bullpen, which I didn’t think about at all, it turning into a problem.

  5. So the strategy is for the pitchers to universally give up more hits than innings pitched. Preferably at least twice as many.

    Not really on board with that as a strategy for winning games.

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