June 18, 2024

89 thoughts on “Yankees (12-6) @ Blue Jays (10-8), Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 3:07 PM EDT

  1. An overall awful series for the Yankees. They need to get their shit together when they get back home (not that they can’t still come back in this game, but, well, come on, they ain’t coming back in this game).

    Some just awful starting pitching for a full turn through the rotation now.

    1. Probably around late May, that’s when they diagnose the oblique strain and he’s out until after the all-star break.

  2. If Oswaldo and Volpe are for real, that transforms this team and gives them a lot more flexibility to build the offence…
    …but not if Judge is suddenly going to be below replacement level.

    1. You know as soon as DJ comes back they’ll bench Waldo. Because they have to get Torres and Rizzo going.

    2. I could see them honestly platooning Waldo with Gleyber and Verdugo (DJ playing third and second, Waldo playing third and left). Not even these jamokes would just bench Waldo.

      Getting Volpe back into the middle of the lineup is a big benefit of DJ returning, as well.

    3. I think Volpe is for real (maybe not quite this good), I don’t believe in Cabrera. I do think Verdugo will rebound some and DJLM returning will help deal with Oswaldo’s regression though.

    4. Yeah, I don’t necessarily think Waldo is for real, either, but while he’s hot, I think they’ll find a way to get his bat in the lineup. Just platoon him, Gleyber, DJ and Verdugo between left, third and second.

  3. 19 games is a lot of games to be hitting 174. A ray of hope, in 2004 Jeter got off to a terrible start. At one point, from April 20 through April 28, he went 0-for-32 before homering on April 29. At the end of April, his batting average stood at . 168. He hit 292 that year and the playoffs were cancelled.

    1. But they don’t care about in-game management. Even if it loses games.

      He’s a great manager, losing game after game doesn’t seem to factor into their evaluation process.

  4. Oh my god, even Judge’s fucking EYES are out of whack, taking two strikes right down the middle of the plate, and then whiffs on a slider. He’s looking SO BAD.

    Rizzo is in trouble, but he is not as lost as Judge is right now.

    1. The first pitch, according to the imaging, was waaaaay outside.

      But that was just strike one.

    1. Interesting, from the point of view of psychology, that it’s remains mind-boggling when he (Boone) does it pretty much all the time.

    2. Everybody but Hal, and maybe Cash, knows Boone is a terrible tactical manager.

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