June 18, 2024

47 thoughts on “Yankees (12-5) @ Blue Jays (9-8), Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 7:07 PM EDT

    1. It’s a vestige from the “Breaking News” section that the site came with that I got rid of. Clicking the flashing red thing would bring you to the breaking news section if there was a breaking news section.

    1. Was he like this when he was good? He may be better than last year but he’s not good.

    1. That’s true but considering our rotation guys like Weaver, Gonzales, Marinaccio, Santanaand Ferguson have to be good

  1. Feels like they had a chance to really bloody Kikuchi in the second, whiffed, and in the style we’ve come to love gave up at that point

  2. Im going to continue to say Stanton is done as a decent player, and now I’m starting to think Rizzo is too. if Gleyber is meh this team is in trouble with its below average starting pitching.

    1. I think Stanton has more upside and downside than Rizzo. Rizzo needs to hit with power and he’s not.

  3. Katie Sharp Yankees Pitchers Last 2 Games:
    15 walks, 72 Batters Faced

    The only other 2-game span in the last 60 years where Yankees pitchers had 15+ walks and fewer than 75 batters faced was Sept. 15-16, 199

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