June 18, 2024

71 thoughts on “Yankees (12-4) @ Blue Jays (8-8), Monday, April 15, 2024, 7:07 PM EDT

    1. You’d hope it’s just a bad start and he can take his own next start. But he’s clearly off today.

  1. Luis Gil is horrible. Developing pitchers this way is horrible and makes for bad baseball. Give us someone who throws 92 and who knows how to pitch

    1. Yes, you should be able to develop pitchers who throw 92 and know how to pitch. But you’re not going to NOT develop guys who throw triple digits. He’s just not right today.

  2. Man, Kay’s story just now about Sterling just deciding “You know what? Fuck it, I’m out” … that may be the most admirable thing I’ve ever heard about ol’ Sterls.

    1. Any more to it than that? Like, he just couldn’t take more warm coke and cold hot dogs in the pressbox?

    2. According to Kay, he’d just missed some time with a medical issue and while he was recovering he just decided he’d had enough. Didn’t want to keep traveling to and from the ballpark anymore.

      I deeply relate to going out with a shrug and a “good luck, assholes!”

      Bummer Shackil is such a goddamn bore. They should get Charlie Steiner back, put him in the booth with Gary Thorne and corner the market on baritones.

  3. This is the kind of game the Yankees blew a lot last year (scored a couple of runs against a terrible/rattled pitcher and then went hitless the rest of the way). Let’s see if the Jays can play that role tonight.

    1. A 🚨 Unique Box Score Line 🚨 a first among the more than 1.1 million MLB pitching lines in the regular season or postseason since 1901 (thanks @baseball_ref @Stathead)

  4. Marinaccio has such and empty look in his eyes and on his face.

    It reminds me of John Cusack in Gross Pointe Blank, but I don’t know that anyone else saw that movie.

  5. Can they just put all players wearing #42 to bed already? It is so much become a pseudo-religious thing, yuk. And the guy they honor would be offended by it.

    1. Why would this bother you? It’s easy enough to ignore the whole thing if you want.

    2. You’d need to know Jackie Robinson the man and then you’d know he’d be offended. Read up about the man.

      And seriously, it was 1947, give it a rest already. BTW Branch Rickey was the guy who integrated baseball and was working on it in 1943.

    3. Don, you have a lot of credibility when it comes to racial politics. Thank you for your input.


  6. I really think Cortes is going to be good.

    But this game – and so it begins.

    It was a fun first few weeks, I didn’t expect them.

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