June 18, 2024

114 thoughts on “Yankees (12-3) @ Guardians (9-5), Sunday, April 14, 2024, 1:40 PM EDT

    1. Probably, but you could defend it. Keeping him in AFTER the leadoff home run? Not so much. “Oh? He is clearly washed for today? Let’s see what else we can get out of him.”

    1. As you observed yesterday, they’re just trying to “break up the double play”.

    2. Hah! Somebody might mention to them that the phrase doesn’t mean what they seem to think it means.

  1. The other team getting strikes now well out of the zone on BOTH sides of the plate. Multiple times in consecutive at bats.
    I mean – seriously.

    1. I don’t know, I’m thinking they finally let one of these guys play through it – and it eventually worked.

    1. But it’s ridiculous to assume that – at all. It’s early. SSS. He’s going to break out of it, and even then – no, just bad baseball.

      Also, UDJ – *WHAT* extra run?

    1. Wait, how is THIS on Boone? I mean, he’s the worst in-game manager in the history of the multiverse, but what did he do in this inning specifically?

  2. I don’t blame Boone here, Ferguson pretty much had to be the guy. He’s just not that good, that’s the bigger problem. That’s why acquiring another bullpen arm would be SO huge for this team. Tough loss.

  3. How could Verdugo not be running?
    Why would Gleyber sacrifice?
    Two players unable to get the ball out of their gloves in the final half-inning.
    There is no way on earth they should have lost this game.

    Also, the home plate umpire was beyond atrocious.

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