June 18, 2024

128 thoughts on “Yankees (10-3) @ Guardians (9-3), Saturday, April 13, 2024, Doubleheader

    1. My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
      Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
      Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

  1. You really sort of have to admire Gleyber trying to make Yankee fans feel better about him not being here next season. “For the fans’ sake, I’ll play my usual shitty defense, but I’ll also hit like shit, so it won’t be so sad when I’m gone after this season.”

    Real four dimensional thinking there, Gleyber!

  2. Rizzo is also looking like this will be his last year in pinstripes. That’ll free up a little coin for Soto. I wonder if Ben Rice can be in the Majors next year. Does Spencer Jones have a first base glove?

    1. The nationals started to experiment with moving Soto to 1b. I don’t know why they gave up.

  3. By the way, it is NOT true that “when you think of it, half the trips people make are trips home.”
    A trip can have any number of legs – one leg will be a trip away from home and one will be a trip home. All the others will NOT be trips home (so long as we consider a trip home the end of a trip, which makes sense for measuring purposes). Given that, 50% is the upper conceivable limit for that number, but the real number will obviously be far lower.

    So there, stupid ad people.

    (Who says there’s no statistical analysis at RLYW anymore?)

    1. I like berti, just not everyday berti. grisham is screwed by verdugos like handedness

    1. Still the right move. He has to be able to throw more than 70-something pitches.

    1. I’ll give him some leeway there. It is early, you want to see what you have with some of these guys. Ferguson was supposed to be a high leverage guy. And really, beyond the awful walk, it’s not like Ferguson pitched poorly.

    2. Was he?

      Yes, it wasn’t an awful couple of innings he pitched that inning. But the price of giving Schmidt a chance to pitch a number of pitches you’d expect from a starter, but with a short leash, was recognizing that if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have a fire to put out. I guess if you think Ferguson is that guy…

    3. I agree w the sequence in that it followed the same pattern of thinking – see what the kid can do.

    4. They only have 3 pitchers who belong in the COT and Birdie could get hurt any minute.

    1. I see what you did there.

      That’s what we call “breaking up the double play,” is it? 😉

    1. He always punishes production. He always sits the hot hand. It’s very frustrating.

      Amazing that Oswaldo wouldn’t let himself be cooled off.

    1. I think they want Vivas to continue to play everyday. Smith will never play, and then he’ll get DFA’d when Berti returns (or even when DJ returns).

    2. Josh now has lifetime medical benefits by spending 1 day on an MLB roster. And, if he can get another35 days or so on an MLB roster, he’ll be vested in the pension.

  4. Looks like Marinaccio has been good in AAA so far this season, so I can see why they’d like to give him another crack at some high leverage innings. They obviously thought he was going to be a key player back in 2022.

  5. “The Yankees are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Fritz Peterson, who was a formidable pitcher and affable presence throughout his nine years in pinstripes. Along with longtime teammate Mel Stottlemyre, Peterson was part of a devastating one-two combination at the top of the Yankees’ rotation. A known prankster and well-liked among his teammates and coaches, Peterson had an outgoing personality and inquisitive nature that brought lightheartedness to the clubhouse on a regular basis and belied his prowess on the mound — most notably his impeccable control, which was among the best in the Majors. Peterson will be greatly missed by the Yankees, and we offer our heartfelt condolences to his wife, Susanne, and the entire Peterson family.”

    – Yankees.com

    His wife?” – Mike Kekich

    1. Are you really demonizing Fritz Peterson – and equating him to O.J. Simpson?

      What crime did Fritz Peterson ever commit?

      If it’s a joke, it’s a weird joke.

  6. Seven guys doing double duty. So unbooner.
    A Volpe (R) SS
    J Soto (L) RF
    A Judge (R) CF
    A Rizzo (L) 1B
    G Stanton (R) DH
    G Torres (R) 2B
    A Verdugo (L) LF
    O Cabrera (S) 3B
    A Wells (L) C
    Why’s Kevin Smith here to be a clerk?

  7. What Judge couldn’t do, Verdugo did. With Poteet pitching the Yankees really needed a big inning but Gleyber and Verdugo foiled that plan.

  8. Cody motherfuckin’ Poteet!

    Man, I knew that dude had an arm, but I wasn’t expecting THIS performance. He sure seems to be too talented to just keep him stashed in the minors, but they really don’t need another back of the rotation starter, either.

    I guess they can see what Poteet could do out of the bullpen. Maybe they think Gil is ultimately going to be a bullpen guy, and Poteet could be an innings eater?

    1. what was that about the Yankees farm being in line with their preseason rankings, again, Brian?

    2. I’m not convinced. He’s never really shown anything at the ML or MiL level that indicates he could be anything much more than a 6th starter/6th reliever option.

    3. “I’m not convinced. He’s never really shown anything at the ML or MiL level that indicates he could be anything much more than a 6th starter/6th reliever option.”

      That was pre-Matt Blake! 😉

      I really loved the approach Poteet had tonight, showed the confidence that Gil and Schmidt don’t have despite having so much better stuff than Poteet.

    4. with age comes maturity. innings make not the man. stuff? that and $5 gets you a cup of coffee.

    1. Both of those are great. Eastern Promises bath scene is an all-time great fight scene.

  9. When’s the last time the Yanks won their first five series, won at least 12 games, and swept a doubleheader? Let’s see ChrisS come up with an answer to THAT one!

    (ChrisS comes up with an answer) Ah well, nevertheless

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