June 18, 2024

16 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yankees’ bats scuffle in first loss of 2024

  1. Stanton continuing his decline. 3 hits & 1 walk on the season with 11 Ks in 21 PAs, a 52% K rate. This guy is cooooooooked.

    Rizzo I have some hope for still, but he is a 34 year old who hasn’t had an OPS over .817 (and mostly in the .700s) in 5 years.

    Judge is probably injured and trying to play through so he’ll suck for a month then go on the IL for 3 weeks.

  2. I asked this weeks ago – what will it take for them to release Stanton? Ok not 6 games of sucktitude, but what about 60? At what point do you realize his poor 2022 and his disastrous 2023 aren’t just a slump but more like the END. Chris Davis like finished.

    1. I asked last night. If and when The Martian returns and has a pulse they may be forced to. 11/1 K/BB is pretty, pretty bad.

  3. So far the 2024 Yankees have a two tiered system of hitting, theres Soto, Volpe, Waldo and then everyone else with Judge 381, Vertigo 351 and Trevi 311 anchoring the others.

    1. Trying to figure out which lineup is worse: one with Stanton or one with Grisham.

    2. I like Volpe in the middle of the lineup. I know his speed plays at the top of the lineup, but I love that power.

      When DJ returns, Gleyber at 4 and Volpe at 6 will be very nice.

    3. I read in BP long ago an argument that speed in the 6/7 hole maximizes theof the value hits that 7/8/9 get. Depends on the other attributes of the batter of course, you would never bat Rickey 6th.

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