June 18, 2024

22 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Returns of Gil, Volpe power Yanks to first 5-0 start since 1992

  1. I’m going to make some bold predictions
    The yanks will not go undefeated
    Volpe is not going to hit even 400 let alone 500
    Sooner or later the bullpen is going to blow a game and a starting pitcher will throw up a stinker

    Nevertheless so far this has been very enjoyable. Except for Judge. Wake up Aaron; the season already started.

  2. I like wells’s abs too. he excited me as well. when all is said and done, I hope gil can remain composed, trust, and be more efficient w his stuff bc it is very much there.

    Also, lol at the mets

    1. I thought you were commenting on his abdominals, not his ABs, for a sec. Never google image searched faster in my life.

    2. Ha me too

      Who was it used to pick a hottest Yankee every year? Was it you?

  3. My daughter got me back in. It’s fun being a kid and really caring about whether the Yankees can outlast the Pirates as the last undefeated team. Nice to see them take some pitches this year. Been a while since there was anything worth watching but Cole’s half innings!

    1. She is 9. Definitely the golden age. I remember poring over box scores in 1992. And I also remember receiving a sealed factory 1992 Topps set from someone who knew my mom and who worked at the company. Spent hours studying the backs of those things.

    1. Soto only 3-for-19 vs. Gallen with 4 Ks. Going to be a long night if Nestor is rocky.

      Gallen already threw 90 pitches in his first start so you can’t even hope he’s on a short-ish leash. Looks like he’s fairly stretched.

    1. You’d think, but I know my brother complains a lot about having opening day starters in fantasy because the matchup DO tend to continue for a while. That said, I agree that the reason they most often continue is because teams make it a point to get their top guys into more games, and that probably WON’T happen with Nestor.

    1. I duno, he seems hurt as his (sss) velo is down 2 mph in the 2 innings he’s pitched. would be intriguing to see what the yanks would do w a 4seam/cutter/change reliever type though.

  4. Aaron Boone said that he thinks Gerrit Cole is close to throwing again. He didn’t have a day for the #Yankees ace but added things have gone well so far.

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