June 18, 2024

35 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yankee Stadium feels like October in June in clash with Dodgers

  1. Oh shit, and I forgot to add, “Yankee Stadium feels like October,” yeah, because the offense was non-existent, one star player was missing from the lineup due to injury, and multiple other hitters sucked due to their slow recovery from their own injuries (see Matt Carpenter in the playoffs in 2022). Sounds like a Yankee playoff game for sure!

  2. “Waldo could have pinch-run for LeMahieu”
    Given that Jones never actually ran – indeed.

    And there was zero reason to both (a) use Holmes, and (b) use him in tie game late for only 3 batters. Good likelihood the game, and those crucial at-bats, play out differently, and better, if they do that.

    1. And a lonely tear tumbled jerkily down his cheek and dropped unnoticed to its squelchy death far below.

  3. Still no Soto. Same basic lineup as last night, only batting Grisham ninth.

    Just tell us Soto is getting the weekend off, dudes! This whole, “He could play, but we’re just…not playing him for…reasons” is so stupid.

    1. I hate when they play this silly game. And the same line up means that unless Judge hits a couple, 1 run.

  4. I think there’s a chance he would have hit last night. Wasn’t there an inning where Grisham would have been up fourth if a man got on? He had his sweatshirt off and was holding a bat in anticipation. Now we can quibble about whether he should have PH in other situations too but I think Boone would have done it.

    1. Although he really should have PH for Grisham in extras, so I dunno.

    2. There weren’t enough obvious places where you HAD to bat Soto if you had him available? I can’t imagine situations that would have demanded him more than those they had.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about that too much because they can just back-date it if he DOES go on the IL. And I assume they WOULD call up Dominguez at that point. I think we’re just going to have to come to terms with this being a lost series due to the Soto nonsense.

  5. I want to remind us that without Soto and with that pitching matchup and against that team and with a bunch of stupid moves and bad plays… they still barely lost that game and could easily, easily have won it.

    1. The Scranton 1B is OPSing 756 which has to be better than Rizzo. Playing Waldo at 3b and DJ at 1b is weak but an upgrade.
      You just can’t have Rizzo batting after the first 4.

    2. Hard to argue. It has to be the concussion, that’s all. Which sucks.

    3. I don’t see how it CAN’T be. He’s just a completely different hitter now. He hits like a normal guy out there now. And normal guys can’t fight off 100 MPH fastballs.

    4. I said when he came back last season, I fear for what might happen if a pitcher losses control of a 95+ MPH fastball inside to Rizzo. His decline is almost Gehrig-like. Of course, Gehrig is an inner circle HoF, but still, it is scary to see this decline. Is no one in the Yankees organization (looking at you, Brian Cashman) concerned about Rizzo’s health? If George were still alive you can bet that he’d be having Rizzo tested again.

    5. But how can Rizzo himself not see it?
      This can’t be fun for him. And it’s not like last year, when he could argue he had no idea.
      Why would he want to go through this?

    6. Not normal – as in immune to public embarrassment or humilation?


  6. Smoltz still crying. As if the guys playing in Atalanta before the Olympic Park wasn’t known as the launching pad. FFS

    “Juan Soto is upset about missing this series. It’s three fewer games he has to aim at that short porch” – John Smoltz tonight

  7. This really feels like how Verdugo just had to miss the Orioles series. Just some awkward timing that they miss their best players for their two biggest series of the season. Ah well, let’s just hope Soto feels better.

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