June 18, 2024

38 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Confident Yanks sweep Twins in ’24, win 8th straight…who cares, what about Juan Soto?!

  1. What reason do we have to think that playing the field is worse for it than hitting, that hitting isn’t worse for it than playing the field?

    What I don’t get is why, with their resources, they don’t get scans of everything as soon as it arises. There are things that are fine to play through, and things that could be made much worse. If you don’t know, why not check? The investment certainly merits it.

    1. You don’t typically tear your elbow ligaments on a swing. You CAN tear them on throws, though. That’s what happened to the Martian, and Aaron Hicks. So I would imagine taking Soto out of a situation where he needs to throw the ball would have been ideal.

      And yes, I don’t get why they didn’t do imaging sooner, as well. I suppose they WERE on the road for a lot of that, but at the very least, do it on Monday!

  2. I’m getting 2022 vibes. On June 6 2022 their last great winning streak began. Maybe in June 6 2024 their last great winning streak ends?

    If Soto is hurt and judge comes down to earth I think rest of the team is going go crash.

    But they are 26 games over 500, so if they play just 500 ball the rest of the way they’ll win 94 games. Famous last words. “If they only play 500…”

    1. It has to be a major help, though, that they have The Martian available. He’s obviously far, far from Juan Soto, but he might be a very good baseball player. If they then trade for a first baseman, they could approximate some of the value of Soto.

      2022 didn’t really have that option. Look at the playoff lineup in 2022:

      Torres 2B
      Judge RF
      Rizzo 1B
      Stanton DH
      Donaldson 3B
      Bader CF
      Cabrera LF
      IKF SS
      Trevino C

      They could still beat that lineup without Soto, so long as they pick up a nice hitter who could platoon at DH and 1B with Rizzo. Alonso rental?

    2. Agree with Brian. And look at what their pitching has done. And if it falters, Gerritt Cole’s on the way. Not too shabby.
      Also, I don’t think Judge is going to go into a 2-month homer slump as he approaches 60.

    3. Brian, I was hoping you’d add that. I had this odd feeling that I’d be jinxing it if I said something. No idea why.

    4. Also, in his short stint in the majors, Dominguez was anything but far, far from Juan Soto. I’m not suggesting we just extrapolate that performance, but for the little stretch he had he looked unstoppable, pretty damned close to Soto.

  3. I wish the writers would stop saying things like “the best such streak since April, 2023.” That’s essentially NOTHING. And yet they do it on autopilot for anything. “It’s the first double X has hit since last Wednesday.” Really?
    The best such streak since July 1922″ – okay, that’s worth noting. Wait for it to be at least faintly impressive before telling me how long it’s been.

  4. They have to think the overwhelming probability is Soto’s ok or they would have sat him a game or two this week. Dr Ahmed examined during the rain delay.

    1. Last year, they had Rizzo play for a month with a concussion (and years ago, they had Teix play a game with a broken leg), so I wouldn’t be so sure, especially since Soto is one of those dudes who actively wants to play everyday, ya know?

    2. I think it was more than a game, I feel like he was playing on and off for about three weeks before they finally diagnosed it

    3. I think we can rest (mostly) assured that this is the best 40 man+ Yankee roster ever constructed. they can trade from surplus for any apparent or emergent needs. this organization genuinely rivals the dodgers. this is also a win now win big season.

    4. Btw, I wrote “Tex” advisedly. I think the name isn’t just shortened (like, I don’t know, Mank for Mankiewicz), it’s shortened version fits a natural word in English – Tex, short for Texan. Given that he came up and played *in Texas*, I’m pretty sure that’s how it was said and how it was taken.

  5. Rizzo last 14 days 140/178/186. He is a problem that must be addressed soon. For now I suppose DJ should play more 1B, at least he’s getting on base though he has no XBHs.

    Is it unrealistic to do a Bryce Harper move with The Martian or maybe Verdugo?

    1. Who cares about Verdugo, he’ll be gone next year, try it. I wouldn’t mess with Dominguez though, he could be a cornerstone and Judge in CF every day is not ideal.

  6. Is there something in the CBA that prevents a team from telling a player to see a doctor if he says “I’m fine”? Or did the Yankees learn nothing from the Clint Frazier experience? Concussions can have an impact for a professional athlete trying to perform his job much longer than for, say, a professional accountant. Just tell Rizzo to get evaluated again, for his own good.

  7. RLYW lives. How about that.

    Good, fun team. Really psyched about Gil, Volpe and Clarke Schmitt (may he return soon). I don’t have the knowledge I used to – somewhere along the line I stopped caring quite so much, so I look at the bullpen names and have no idea who these people are.

    I hope Soto’s not seriously hurt. I hope the NYY medical team isn’t as utter shite as it has been in the past.

    I still feel like this team has some holes. They’re obviously very good, but could be better/more balanced. Rizzo, yikes. They’ve actually gotten decent production from catcher so far, but I don’t expect Trevino to continue to be useful at the plate. Gleyber is so frustrating (great expectations).

    Hopefully LeMahieu gets it going – that’ll help. But I feel like they need one more position player.

    1. Rob!
      Awesome. I wonder how many others just haven’t found this place.

      One point I’d make in response, though: you may not expect Trevino to hit this much, but I bet you’d expect Wells to hit a bit more, so that may be a wash.

    2. Wombat, heya.

      Fair enough, and honestly offensive production at C is a luxury. I like luxuries, though, you know?

      There’s also Stanton. He’s been moderately useful so far (sub-.300 OBP notwithstanding) but does *anyone* trust him to stay healthy?

      Verdugo’s been solid, but I have trouble making my brain accept that .255/.315/.427 is a 111wRC+. Near-identical stats last year = 98wRC+. Shows the drop in offense (making Soto and Judge all the more amazing).

  8. He followed up with “Initial prognosis is inflammation for Soto. So looks like a relief.”

    That’s a lot better than anything awful, but it’s also better than, “He’ll be okay.”

    He’ll “be okay” leaves a lot open!

    1. I mean, it’s better than “we found a tear” but I don’t trust oh it’s just a little inflammation. Not to disparage the docs involved – this stuff is hard. But that, in turn, means you can get false negatives.

    2. Also just a little inflammation for a hitter is much better than just a little inflammation for a pitcher

  9. Offense at C is a luxury but yeah I miss Posada. Terrible baserunner but an amazing hitter for a C. Those old Yankee teams proved that up the middle defense is overrated; if you can put great hitters there who cares about the occasional bad defense.

    The big weak spot is 1b. Cmon cashman- fix it!

  10. The Yankees have received what manager Aaron Boone described as “good news” regarding Juan Soto, as an MRI of the outfielder’s ailing left forearm taken on Friday afternoon revealed inflammation but no structural damage.

    Soto also had imaging performed on his left elbow, the results of which were clean, according to Boone. Though Soto was not in Friday’s starting lineup against the Dodgers, Boone said he expects Soto to avoid the injured list.

    “He’s possibly available in a situation tonight or this weekend,” Boone said Friday. “We’ll just see how it goes, see how he responds.”


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