June 18, 2024

18 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Gil K’s 6, but control issues (7 walks) persist

    1. agreed. it’s one thing to wait for Wells but Gleyber and Rizzo drew comparisons to Altuve and Freeman not so long ago.

      Stanton will also disappear soon so we are a few position players and pitchers away from where we might want to be.

    1. He’s another five-inning wonder, though. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a BETTER five-inning wonder than the Yankees’ five-inning wonders, but he’s still a five-inning wonder.

  1. Ha! I read that Montas got rocked and for a minute I thought the Yanks had a day game and got clobbered. Then I remembered that thankfully he’s gone. Rodon getting rocked tonight would be very annoying.

    1. If they’re not trading him, and thus don’t need to up his trade value, then – why the hell not?


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