July 17, 2024

65 thoughts on “Yankees (50-23) @ Red Sox (36-35) Sunday, June 16, 2024, 7:10 PM EDT

    1. Damn. Given half of the Yankees’ recent seasons, I can sympathize with the Trolleydodgers’ sudden woes.

  1. What’s the deal all of a sudden with Trevino? He’s been snapping people off 1st and 3rd base, have you ever heard of his being unable to throw people out?

  2. Other than ALWAYS being hurt, what annoys me the most about DJ is when he starts pressing while coming back from injuries and starts swinging at shit he doesn’t normally swing at. Your best attribute is your eye, dude, use it.

    1. Well, since he signed that contract, his OPS has been below average, 711, 734, 718 the past three seasons.

    1. Yamamoto’s issues started during his previous start at Yankee Stadium. Yamamoto threw a season-high 106 pitches, including his 19 hardest pitches of the season, consistently getting to 97-98 mph with the four-seam fastball. He also threw 13 sliders against New York, his most in a Major League game.

  3. This seems to happen a lot. At least DJ made contact. How many men have been on with Gleyber up this series? He takes 3-1 right down the middle and then he swings at ball 4.

    1. There’s a reason he has only 25 RBI’s in 73 games to go along with that 640 OPS.

    1. Yeah it’s just a loss and it’s not that I’m pissed but more that this teams flaws were so evident.

  4. Which Yankee player angers you the most? I can’t really be angry at Rizzo because he’s hurt. DJL is too and that’s all in cashman for giving a 6 year deal to him. The middle inning guys? Eh, they aren’t supposed to be that good. Gleyber is the guy. His terrible hitting is only offset by his horribly fielding. I think he went from an 8 figure pay day to a one year “show me” contract. Sheesh. He’s the one guy who annoys me greatly. He’s supposed to be better,

    1. Cashman based his decision on the DJ contract off the 2020 season of 50 games played by DJ and LeMahieu turning 33 mid-season 2021.

    2. I am only annoyed that they weren’t able to complete the deal for a pitcher with him two years ago. he isn’t back next year unless he wants to sign for nothing.

      i am not mad at stanton for sucking either. he took the money offered and cash traded for him.

      DJL is the same. injuries. but all he did is take the money offered. Rizzo, same.

      So I guess the answer is Cashman for loading up on a few players on the decline for long deals and a lot of money.

      If Gleyber had kept making progress he’d be in rarified air, but he didnt. oh well. shitty game though.

  5. been a long while since I checked in. Having checked replies most of you share my frustration with bullpen construction and Boones moves. the 2 lefties are not working out. they are Yankees based on economy only. I believe the team has over performed and will be dealing with new injuries. without a real closer this won’t end well

    1. Anthony Rizzo left with a right lower arm injury. He’s going to see team docs and undergo imaging in NY tomorrow. #Yankees

    2. Eli Fischman Worth noting, #Yankees 1B prospect TJ Rumfield is slashing .305/.370/.441 between Double-A Somerset and Triple-A SWB this season with 5 HR.

      Won the minor league Gold Glove at 1B last season with @SOMPatriots. Acquired from the Phillies for Nick Nelson in ’21.

  6. Boston stole 9 bases today? A team record. The Yankees for the season rank 4th best in fewest stolen bases allowed but is Boson on to something?

    1. Trevino entered tonight’s game with an average throw of 71.3 mph down to second, the worst mark out of 60 catchers.

  7. it seems like the distance between AAA and the show for Yankee hitters is huge. Oswald peraza had a good AAA season in 21 and was rated as the likely shortstop. He’s hitting.180 and Cashman hugged his trade value away. Isn’t it true that every minor league player brought up gets a major league contract that exacerbates the luxury tax?

    1. I don’t get the last point. Every player on the team has salary counted towards the luxury tax, but minor leaguers brought up to the big team have to have LESS salary than an established major leaguer who would otherwise take that spot on the roster.

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