July 17, 2024

68 thoughts on “Yankees (50-22) @ Red Sox (35-35) Saturday, June 15, 2024, 2:10 PM EDT

    1. My dog’s farts are better commentary than what comes out of Smoltz

  1. Cooper Criswell is the name of the HS quarterback who blew out his knee in his first season while running the scout squad for Rutgers and is now the third most prodcutive salesman at a Ski-Doo dealership. He helps out coaching his old team but he’s not allowed to talk to the players

  2. Jeron Criswell King known by his stage-name The Amazing Criswell (/ˈkrɪzwɛl/), was an American psychic known for wildly inaccurate predictions. In person, he went by Charles Criswell King, and was sometimes credited as Jeron King Criswell.

    Criswell was flamboyant, with spit curled hair, a stentorian style of speaking, and a sequined tuxedo. He owned a coffin in which he claimed to sleep.

    1. This is the first one I’m actually watching in a while, Gameday doesn’t tell the whole tale

    1. And I said that BEFORE Devers’ double. This is just shitty managing. If the guy explodes and you have no chance, let him soak up the innings. But it was a fucking one-run game!

  3. I’m not gonna be too hard on Rodon today because even great pitchers have stinkers and he’s been good so far. But it’s time for Boone to go get him. It’s not like Rodon is giving up dinks and dunks here.

    1. I don’t mind him as a fourth playoff starter so long as he doesn’t do this again this season. If he gets more of these, then yeah, fuck this guy. I don’t want Nestor or Stroman starting playoff games either.

      Cole, Gil, Schmidt, Rodon

  4. I like Soto because he’s a good looking guy with a relaxed happy demeanor but he’s got an intense face at the plate. Sheff was a handsome guy with an intense face at bat but he never seemed relaxed or happy in other contexts. And Sheffield is one of my favorite all time hitters

  5. Pinstripe Alley: “Fangraphs stat, aptly dubbed “Base Running (BsR)”, aggregates stolen bases, caught stealings, runners thrown out on the base paths, taking extra bases, and other baserunning plays and turns them into runs above and below average. By this metric, the Yankees are the second-worst team in baseball with -7.2 BsR, in front of only the Angels.

    “Statcast runner runs created to measure base running success, is based on the runner’s speed and position as well as the fielder’s arm and position. It’s basically a measure of how successful a runner should be compared against how successful they actually are. By this measure, Statcast has the Yankees tied as the second-worst team in baseball with -4 extra runs from baserunners.”

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