June 18, 2024

44 thoughts on “Yankees (37-19) @ Angels (21-33) Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 9:38 PM EDT

  1. A totally new way to get fucked. Baseball is so fucking stupid. Thats like twice in a week, first for the Chi Sox now for us.
    You’d think MLB would be prepared and the umpires filled in on what to do.
    MLB is so fucking stupid.

  2. RAB By the letter of the law, that’s interference. Same exact thing happened in an O’s-White Sox game recently and MLB said umps have discretion and interference didn’t have to be called (not that it was incorrect). Still dumb. Use common sense.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of that before, now twice in a week. Bases loaded no out and bupkus.

  3. Phenom having himself some game. An amazing play in the field followed by some great hitting and kind of risky baserunning. A better throw might’ve got him.

    1. I dunno I think Volpe’s settling into leadoff. His OBP has been climbing all season

    2. Volpe is fine as a leadoff hitter, but I think he’d be even better being the guy who protects Soto and Judge. Notice how DJ already has two walks in two games, ya know?

      Meanwhile, they’ve struggled a bit BEHIND Soto and Judge. They need to get these baserunners home. They’re just walking Soto and Judge with impunity out there.

    3. Good points, both of you.

      Agree with UJD that Volpe is settling in well – he needed time to adjust to seeing so many strikes ahead of Soto and Judge, but once he did, he’s been using his skill set to greater effect than he would batting behind them. I suspect Volpe would see worse pitches hitting behind Soto and Judge, because he wouldn’t have their protection; so he’d walk a lot more, and if Soto and Judge are already on, then they would just clog the bases ahead of him.

      With that said, I agree with Brian that neither Verdugo, Rizzo, nor Stanton is suitable protection right now for Judge and Soto. Those two guys are just so much more dangerous than the rest of the lineup. I really don’t think they’ll have adequate protection until Dominguez comes up.

    4. Veggie, I don’t know. Protection helps, but runners on base are also an impetus to throw strikes – walk someone and you’re loading the bases or forcing in a run.

  4. Gil 6-0, 0.70 era May.

    Luis Gil in May: 44 K, 0.70 ERA

    Gil is the only pitcher in Yankees history with 40+ K and a sub-0.75 ERA in any calendar month.

  5. Anyone see that article about yesterday’s home plate umpire who missed 24 balls and strikes call? Only got 83% correct – lowest mark of the season for anyone. Later he said “this was in honor of the retirement of Angel Hernandez”. Ok that last line isn’t true, but the rest is.

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