June 18, 2024

41 thoughts on “Yankees (37-18) @ Angels (20-33) Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 9:38 PM EDT

  1. You know if Rizzo can’t even field the position any more, it’s time to move on. Nice career, you got a ring, enjoy retirement.

  2. This had the stink of a loss on it when they managed just 3-runs while wasting baserunners. And if they are serious about this season, both Rizzo and Gleyber need to go.

    1. Holmes is a decent closer, but not great. Pretty sure nobody was feeling Greg Gagne vibes when Holmes opened the season with all those scoreless innings.

    1. Volpe’s looked really good. The catching’s been really good, right?

    2. Ah, I remember some disappointment with Judge’s defense, too. And obviously Torres on occasion.

    3. Oh, Gleyber sucks on defense, but it’s sort of built into his game. Same with Judge in center field. Rizzo is supposed to be a GOOD defender, and he’s been trash this season so far.

    4. Brian, Judge was considered a surprisingly excellent outfield defender over the past few years, wasn’t he?

  3. The streaks continue: the Yankees have lost the last 2 games; and even more improbably, dating back to the beginning of the season, they’ve lost their last 19 games in which their opponents scored more runs.

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