June 18, 2024

83 thoughts on “Yankees (34-17) vs. Mariners (27-23) Thursday, May 23, 2024, 12:35 PM EDT

  1. Baseball Reference now has the Yankees up to a 42% of winning the division. They’ve hilariously improved their postseason odds by 70% in the last month according to BBRef. What a silly projection system.

    1. Yup. They had 71 wins as the projection with a high of 82. Something definitely went wrong there. Cole hasn’t pitched; their second best hitter last year stinks this year; and they look like a 90+ win team.

    2. Those projections are based on L100 games, so it still gets 50 games of the Yankees stinking, with a different roster composition, at the end of 2023 weighing heavily in their priors.

      Plus it only runs the sim 1k times.

      It’s not exactly sophisticated stuff, but I don’t think it’s meant to bea anything more than a curiosity.

    3. Yeah, it’s a good question. Maybe someone at sports-reference HQ thought there was a cheap way to pick up some traffic through SEO. I’d be zero percent surprised if that was the case. Billions of terrible decisions are made every day on the justification that “This’ll help us with SEO!”

      (Not that those sites are hurting for traffic, but there’s always some asshole looking at a spreadsheet, demanding more.)

      Maybe it was just a half-baked idea the editorial team threw together and when the pushback came, they couldn’t back off it without getting slagged a second time.

  2. I agree with Boone just now in his pre-game press conference about how he isn’t even really thinking about what to do when Cole is ready to return. It’s so far off, why even think about it now?

    When he starts to get really close as a real option, THEN you can start thinking about what to do. Who knows what the situation will be at that point? Pitchers tend to get hurt, ya know? So it’s not like we can just assume everyone will be healthy by then.

    1. The one time Boone’s default of not thinking is the correct response

    1. I would like to believe that, had the Yankees signed him, he would have had a full Spring Training, and thus be in a better position to succeed.

    2. And he’d be working with a different staff.

      On the other hand, hard to deny it’s working out!

  3. So if Gil goes to the pen temporarily can they then stretch him back out for the playoffs without maybe hurting his arm? He’s the best pitcher on the team for now.

    1. I don’t know how much of a concern his innings are, to be honest. Under Blake, have the Yankees really been so strict about innings increases? Didn’t they let Schmidt pretty much just pitch as many innings as he wanted to last year?

  4. a solution out of left field:

    it would be interesting to see if Verdugo could play first. Rizzo is very team first but he seems to me to be in decline. Verdugo wont be the best 1b but unlike DJ he’s actually a lefty which can’t hurt and he’s a good fit in the lineup. then you have the opportunity to move the Martian to the outfield full time.

    1. Put men on base, hit the ball hard and a roster that doesn’t run particularly well = lots DPs. It’s a weird mix of wanted and unwanted offensive traits with a 1st percentile outcome.

  5. I like Knucks’ idea above about trying Verdugo at first, even though I don’t think Verdugo offers that much more than Rizzo with the bat and Rizzo has got to be better with the glove. Kind of depends where Rizzo is at later in the season.

    1. Yeah, I’m not at all sure that Rizzo is cooked. Could easily take some time to come back from this, and I think he’s looking a lot better.

    2. rizzo is an all time pretty good.

      verdugo is maybe as good now and cheaper.

      it obviously doesn’t have to be either guy, they jusy have a jam in the OF with stanton and a couple guys coming off the books

    1. But he was out. The Yankees can hardly complain, as they’re great at getting calls against them overturned, don’t you think?

  6. Don’t love Boone’s reliever options the next two innings ahead of Holmes in the ninth. Can’t use Weaver, can’t use Kahnle, Hamilton on the IL. I guess it’ll seriously be Gonzalez this inning, and Ferguson the next.

    1. It’s across all American teams and sports–try watching a football game–but the Yankees somehow seem to take the prize for sanctimony

    2. I agree but are they worse than anyone else? The Dallas Cowboys for instance. Would a Colin Kaepernick be out of baseball? Only the NBA is less Jingoistic (I once played jingoist in a Scrabble game.

  7. I don’t understand PH with Wells. You’re just putting him in a position to fail and the game situation doesn’t call for a low percentage desperation move.

  8. FGas: “You’re just putting him in a position to fail”
    Boone: “Wait… just wait one damned minute here. You’re saying that’s NOT the manager’s main job? Holy cow, that changes EVERYTHING!”

  9. Just watched the video of the Volpe double. It’s hard to tell exactly but it seems like Volpe running hard around first, and the OF realizing it, distracted him slightly and the bobble and resulting bad throw sealed it. Very exciting play.

    1. If he continues pitching like this, and Mason Miller continues pitching like HE has, it’s going to be one hell of a Rookie of the Year battle.

  10. Max Goodman With Luis Gil’s gem this afternoon, #Yankees starters have now thrown five-plus innings with two runs or fewer allowed in 11 games in a row.

    That’s never happened before in Yankees franchise history.

    All without a single pitch thrown from injured ace Gerrit Cole.

  11. Why did they move DJ from AA to High A instead of keeping him in AA or moving him to Scranton? Makes no sense.
    He went 1/4 tonight. The great Jorbet Vivas went 5/5 625/1417

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