June 18, 2024

45 thoughts on “Yankees (33-17) vs. Mariners (27-22) Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 7:06 PM EDT

  1. Is Todd worse than Flash? Seriously how many announcers/color guys do they need? Cone, Paul, Flash, Nelson and Girardi aren’t enough?

    1. Yes. The other day I caught myself thinking Flash is getting better. Frazier is classic meathead former player turned announcer – regardless of any stance on advanced analytics.

    1. If/when Soto’s in Queens next year will Judge be in SF the following year?

  2. Savant has Gil at these percentiles:

    Pitching run value: 97th
    Fastball run value: 91
    Breaking run value: 65
    Offspeed run Value: 97
    xERA: 81
    xBA: 93
    Whiff%: 83
    K%: 89
    Barrel%: 74
    Hard Hit%: 89

    When Cole comes back, they can’t get rid of him. Which means the only option is going to be to … trade Stroman to the Padres for Higgy and Wandy.

  3. As someone who paid $21 for a Goose Island IPA on Sunday afternoon (yes, I tipped $2), I find it hard to believe that Hal “can’t” “sustain” payroll. Ludicrous. The team is minting money (though maybe they’ll be selling the autographed game-used Jalen Brunson jerseys for less than they’d hoped 2 weeks ago….)

    1. I’m turning against Cabrera, who is also probably bad anyway

    2. What do they say about Ramirez’ defense lately? FG didn’t like it

      Also FG is almost unusable unless you’re a subscriber and even if I were the navigation is horrible, unless paying customers get access to a secret, well-designed site

    3. Can confirm: They do not.

      Though I appreciate any site that finished its buildout in 1999 and decided that was good enough to stand the test of time.

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