June 18, 2024

42 thoughts on “Yankees (25-13) vs Astros (12-24), Thursday, May 9, 2024, 5:05 PM EDT

    1. From time to time the Yankees find it necessary to give up a first-inning home run to Kyle Tucker, pour décourager les autres.

    2. Does Altuve owe his consistency to sign-stealing, or to shape-shifting?

    3. Sign stealing. Other forms of cheating. He’s the one who’s given us reason to think that, we will reasonably think that until he gives us reason not to.

    4. Agree he’s a cheater, just sayin’ he’s also a hobgoblin. =)

  1. Yeah they’re gonna have some stinkers. I didn’t expect much out of Stroman, so far he’s exceeded my expectations

  2. Judge has hit it hard last two times. But I was just telling my kid that Soto is even more fun to watch. The plate coverage and pitch recognition. The talking to the catcher. I flipped back from Knicks game to catch his last AB last night. Don’t tell Josh Hart

  3. Did we like that bunt with Trevi and Volpe coming up? Sure if Soto’s coming up.

    And if Booner doesn’t call bunt would you let Waldo hit and use Berti for Wells?

    1. Yep. Ron Marinaccio was optioned to Triple-A, Nick Burdi will be activated tomorrow, per @ChrisKirschner

    2. Marinaccio still has options, Tonkin does not. I imagine Tonkin will be cut soon enough when they get one of the other relievers back, like Kahnle.

  4. I’m trying to wrap my mind around the idea that someone in advertising thinks Carmelo Anthony, out of his sport for 4 years, is a good pitchman for beer.

    Is it possible that Carmelo’s people had to pay someone to get him in this ad campaign?

  5. Judge’s homer looked like he’s found his 2022 swing mechanics again. Leg kick is smaller than earlier this year, and release is quicker, allows him to wait a little longer to see the pitch and get better barrel placement. Hopefully it sticks.

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