June 18, 2024

73 thoughts on “Yankees (17-9) @ Brewers (16-8), Friday, April 26, 2024, 8:10 PM EDT

  1. Hoch: Jasson Dominguez has increased his throwing to 135 feet, according to Aaron Boone. Dominguez is “a few weeks” away from beginning to play in Minor League rehab games, per Boone.

  2. i just have this feeling like we’re seeing the beginning of this team becoming a mess again. Maybe I’m being cynical… but i have this feeling…

  3. When they give Judge a night “off” they should give him the whole night off. It’s not like they need to keep his bat in the lineup. It can’t hurt.

    1. after a day off can’t they just flip him with soto? it also couldn’t hurt if he sees an extra meatball or two.

  4. I don’t understand this move at all. Tomkin 6era, 1.555 WHIP. Why was he claimed? Why did Boooner use him now? Hes lucky it’s not over yet.

  5. Q: it’s the tenth inning and you are the manager of the ny yankees. your closer has thrown 10 pitches. do you leave him in for another inning or put in a guy who has been dudas twice this season and has a 6 era?

    A: Given the situation, I’d assess the condition of my closer and the overall game situation. If my closer is still pitching effectively and showing no signs of fatigue, I might leave him in for another inning, especially if he’s been dominant in the game so far. However, if he’s starting to show signs of struggling or if the opposing team has been getting good contact against him, I might consider bringing in the other pitcher, despite his previous struggles, to try and change the momentum of the game. Ultimately, the decision would depend on a variety of factors including the specific circumstances of the game and the strengths and weaknesses of each pitcher.

  6. Booner outdid himself. Cash gets some blame too. There’s no one in the minors better than this?

    Out of 30 major league managers statcast says only Booner would’ve pulled Holmes for Tonkin.

    1. I don’t mind them picking up Tonkin to let Blake work with him. He’s intriguing enough that multiple teams have tried him. There might be something that Blake could unlock. That’s a whole lot different than using him right away in the 11th inning of a tie game when a run loses the game.

  7. I felt in Booner’s first year somebody should’ve documented all his bad moves. If they kept it up they would’ve had a best seller along the lines of The Warren report.

    1. That’s everybody chanting “The Season of Boone.”

  8. here’s a take from reddit:
    “ I really don’t hate the decision to bring in Tonkin as much as some people. It’s a long season and we are currently in the middle of a 17 day long streak of games without a day off and burning the bullpen to maybe win one game is going to hurt us over the next 9 straight days of games we have.

    Holmes is also a ground ball pitcher so I don’t know how effective he would be in holding the runner regardless. Unfortunately last night the pitching didn’t hold up enough to keep the Brewers at bay and the bats didn’t have enough to build a sizable lead.”

    the thing is, how many losses will we be tagged with because boone didn’t want to push someone, another day of rest, or plain not trying? the postseason doesn’t matter if we finish with 82 wins.

    10 pitches!

    Give me a manager that HATES to lose.

    1. Even if you want to be OK with pulling Holmes, how is Tonkin the right choice in that situation?

    2. Yeah, precisely. I can defend not sending Holmes out there (I don’t like it, but I can defend it), but the guy who JUST GOT THERE can’t be the choice there. Especially when Victor Gonzalez was still available. Fine, you want to avoid Hamilton and Weaver, that makes sense. But you use Gonzalez then, and THEN you can use Tonkin if need be in the 12th or whatever.

    3. sure. i’m fine with it just like i’m fine with the yanks having the worst record in extra innings in baseball since 22

    4. I’m not sure it really makes any sense at all to “save” the good pitchers in that spot – to avoid just using the best pitcher you have left.

      What you have is a guarantee that you’re using that “best pitcher left” in a high leverage situation. Why save him in case you get one later? You have one now. And what’s the likelihood you end up using them in a LOWER-leverage situation? Pretty good, I’m betting.

      Just win the game you’re playing, man.

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