June 18, 2024

56 thoughts on “Yankees (17-8) vs. Athletics (9-16), Thursday, April 25, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

    1. If your schedule is tight, I can gloat for you.

      Although it’s a fraction of what’s needed.

    2. I will refer back to my comment after the yankees swept them that either the Yankees are going to be real good this season or the Astros are terrible. Looking like the latter.

  1. RAB was hoping Yankees could score enough that Soto and judge could get some rest. As if. I’m looking forward to seeing what Grisham and Trammel can do.

  2. Stanton down to 222. He’s a negative player. Sunk cost. Let him go.
    Yeah when he’s on fire he’s great but his hot streaks last shorter and shorter. Cut bait and find a DH who can actually H.

    1. Higher OPS than Judge, Rizzo, Torres or Waldo. Also no way unless he’s much worse. Maybe when/if The Martian is here.

    1. I agree that we’re worse than our record, 8-2 in one run games, a shaky pen, too many hitters not hitting and a Cashman bench of Trammel, Grisham and Trammel plus a catcher.

  3. Yankees dont even have a BU 1B. Garret Cooper is available as a BU 1B and a better bat off the bench than Trammel or Grisham. He makes 1.5M plus luxury tax.

  4. Records continue to fall. Katie Sharp
    This is 3rd time in the last 25 years the Yankees reached base 15+ times (including errors) and scored 1 or 0 runs in a game:

    April 25, 2024 (L, 3-1 vs A’s)
    Aug. 15, 2016 (W, 1-0 vs Blue Jays)
    Aug. 22, 2009 (L, 14-1 at Red Sox)

    From 4/22
    This is the 4th time in franchise history the Yankees have been shut out 3 times at home this early into the season (23 games)

    1911 This is the 4th time in franchise history the Yankees have been shut out 3 times at home this early into the season (23 games)


  5. This is team showed a lot of good things early, but a lot of the holes are still the same. Judge’s decline could be terrifying, but his metrics are still top of the line. Stanton had a real nice 9-game stretch, but has looked lost before and after… cooked. I like Rizzo the person and defensively at 1B, but he’s not remotely close to being a middle of the order bat anymore. Soto has been fantastic and maybe if Judge wasn’t injured/unlucky or both, he’d have a better line and the offense wouldn’t look so inept.

    Could still be a really good team, but some of the issues holding them back may not resolve and Cole is the only guy who is really missing from the team.

    1. If Oswaldo is just slumping and closer to what he looked like at first, if Volpe’s taken a big step forward – those two things would be huge, and they were a huge part of how the team started.

      On the other side – I don’t think we can say what Rizzo is or isn’t yet. He was having a tremendous year when the concussion happened – will he recover or is he done, or something in the middle? (Also, his defense has NOT looked good this year.) I tend to agree on Stanton, but we could be wrong there, too. This year has given us a basis for at least some hope. As for Judge – I don’t think we’re talking about a major decline. The worst-case scenario I’m seriously considering is Brian’s scenario – some dumb “playing hurt and we’re not telling you” that’ll pass.

      Oswaldo and Volpe panning out would be a very, very big deal. They’ve gotten no offense out of their minor league system in forever.

    2. I think DJ could still theoretically be a difference maker (he won’t, because he’ll never be healthy, but he COULD). He had an .800 second-half OPS, with an excellent OBP. Having him bat first changes the lineup in a really good way, and it allows you to move Volpe to batting sixth behind Rizzo, making Gleyber one of the top #7 hitters around, and Verdugo an outstanding #8 hitter.

      Plus, it allows you to platoon Waldo, DJ and Gleyber a bit, if Waldo continues to hit a little. DJ’s defense at second is WORLD’S better than Gleyber’s.

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