June 18, 2024

22 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yanks tee off on old nemesis JV en route to laugher

  1. I’ve decided to rank the 5 best current Yankees based on how likeable they are. This list is correct and I will not be taking comments.

    1. Nestor Cortes
    2. Marcus Stroman
    3. Aaron Judge
    4. Juan Soto
    5. Luis Gil

    1. I haven’t seen them, so I wouldn’t know. I’m gonna guess Aaron Judge is in first?

    1. They show up on the main page, but sure, if you want them on the individual posts, I just made that edit, so they’ll show up on the individual posts, as well.

  2. How would we rank Schmidt, Gil, Stroman and Rodon thus far this year? Who inspires the most confidence, and who the least?
    Not consider who’s being paid so much they will feel they have to play them.

    1. Gil’s been the best, but he’s doing it in a pretty volatile way. He’s following the Blake Snell path of being unhittable but inefficient and giving up plenty of walks. A start where he is a little bit hittable or can’t throw strikes at all does seem inevitable.

      Stroman is pretty much doing what Stroman has always done, outside of durability concerns, I am most confident in him to continue what he’s done so far.

      I think Rodon is still adjusting. His fastball seems to be OK, even if it’s no longer a super elite pitch, but his other pitches are not. He has been a bit lucky so far, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him slide backwards a bit.

      Schmidt has seemed like he’s close to figuring it out for a full year now, Is he? Or is he just going to be perpetually frustrating?

    2. Makes sense. So what ranking does that give us? Gil, Stroman, Schmidt, Rodon?

      Watching the performance, I’m convinced by what Schmidt’s able to do already. I’d be loath to send him down. But I can’t imagine Gil going down, and Stroman and Rodon are locked in for other reasons.

    3. I think you send gil to the pen as a multi inning reliever. He’s under some sort of load limit as a young pitcher coming back from TJ anyway.

    1. The circled number at the end of the strip is… a percentile number?

    2. I think it is breaking ball run value

      yes, the number on the chart is the percentile.

    3. Yeah, I REALLY don’t get that chase percentage. Perhaps people just know if it’s not obviously a strike, it’s a ball, so don’t swing at it?

    4. Gil has mostly missed bad out of the zone. His slider isn’t good enough to fool many people and his changeup move more horizontally than vertically, so it’s less of a swing and miss pitch and more of a weak contact pitch.

      And of course, he’s just throwing his fastball by people in the zone.

    1. Makes sense to me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kick Lee Majors’ ass.

      Shoulda saved $5,999,999 for this beatdown, Majors.

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