June 18, 2024

26 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yanks run scoreless streak to 26 IP behind Schmidt to cap sweep

  1. Why do they keep saying “the first time he’s pitched into the eighth?”

    It’s as much as to say he didn’t actually complete the eighth.

    But he did complete the eighth.

    1. It’s a little weird I agree but both are notable accomplishments for him–7.1 would be worthy of comment as well. Probably just an economy of words rather than “the first time he even pitched into the eighth much less completed the inning.” Although now that I type it, it would have been better to say that,

    1. What, exactly, were you right about this time? (And also – no one’s forcing you!)

    1. That guy is a freak of nature. I kind of expect him to pitch 300 innings a year and strike out 400 guys going forward until he’s 45.

      As a random viewer of baseball, to me his mechanics look effortless to get that kind of heat and movement.

    2. Oh yeah, it’s the easiest 100 I’ve seen.

      I still expect there’s a clock on that arm though.

    3. I just came here to marvel at Skenes. He needs to get in the zone a little more but today he was, actually, unhittable

  2. Anyone besides remember Fernandomania? First 8 starts in 1981 was 8 complete games with 5 shutouts and a total of 4 runs allowed. That was after a 1980 debut of 17 scoreless innings.


    1. Pepperidge Farm (UJD) remembers. I wasn’t really a baseball fan then but it was huge national news in the way it wouldn’t be today. Plus I got SI and read it cover to cover every week.

  3. Hoch DJ LeMahieu rehab, take II. Aaron Boone has said that it’s possible LeMahieu could rejoin the Yankees during their upcoming road trip:”

    So let’s make sure they rush DJ back before he’s ready to contribute when the team is doing just fine. I was kind of hoping he would retire. I’ll be really surprised if DJ is ever again what he was the years he was great. His career OPS+ is 102.

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