June 18, 2024

30 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yankees’ Gil follows May honors with gem to start June

    1. That’s great. I think he has value as a cheap 1B with some pop and fairly decent upside as a lesser Paul Goldschmidt. Maybe a 3-4 WAR 1B until he turns 30.

      I think Rizzo is cooked and announces his retirement at the end of the season.

    1. It feels like they’re hitting more doubles too. But I looked and this season 16.6% of their hits are doubles. However, last season it was 18%. Overall they’re 11th in the AL in doubles this season and 15th last season … So … probably negligible.

    2. Probably just chance, but I do love a triple and perhaps I notice them more

  1. Per Boone, Gerrit Cole will have “at least a couple more” rehab starts before joining the Yankees rotation.
    Not sure as yet if Cole will pitch next on Sunday, which would be his fifth day.

    I could see using Cole and Gil for 4 innings each.

    1. Interesting. That’d fuck the guy going first, though, right?

      I imagine they might do something like move them a few spots apart in the rotation, and let Poteet piggyback each one of them. I don’t even know if that could logistically work.

      Cole – Poteet
      Gil – Poteet

      Hmm…I guess not. I suppose you could send Poteet down, and use Tonkin in the same role, as I’m sure they don’t care if Tonkin blows his arm out. Or maybe Tonkin with Cole, Santana with Gil?

    2. Why would you use Poteet to caddy Gil? he’s going deep in games. Unless it’s for innings management I guess.

    3. I think there’s also a psychological dimension here, Gil’s a little bit of a headcase, why steal his wins with a caddy?

  2. I think getting a 1b who can hit might be the one move that can get them a playoff series win or even a WS appearance this year. That and another good relief pitcher. This is as good as they’ve been in a decade. Go for it! Flags fly forever. So say the Red Sox who have 4 WS titles in the last 20 years to go along with 6 last place finishes.

    1. Similar to the Stupid Sox, as a Syracuse basketball fan, it kills me that Uconn has 6 titles in 7 championship games while being left for dead after conference realignment and an ugly falling out with one of their head coaches who won a title for them.

    2. The Sox irked me more when it was, you know, like 4 World Series in 15 years. Now that it’ll be 3 in the last twenty next year, it’s getting progressively less irksome. ESPECIALLY if the Yankees could just fucking win one for a change this year.

  3. All right people, I am finally going to commit to a new game system. For the last time–PS5 (more expensive) or Xbox S? The only reason I have now to get a PS instead of Xbox is for Last Of Us, but I don’t know if it’s worth an extra $150 just to play one game.

    1. It seems like the age of the console exclusive is coming to an end, so as long as you don’t mind waiting a year or two, you’ll probably be able to get any game on either.

      I think I’d still probably recommend a Steam Deck, which will give access to more games (especially if you’re willing to do a little extra work) and is mobile.

    2. Thanks. Do you have a steam deck? what do you mean by extra work? they seem expensive compared to PS and Xbox

    3. I don’t but I have many friends that do and enjoy them.

      I have no idea how much any of the platforms cost.

      By default the Steam Deck only support the Steam store and games on it, but it’s essentially a handheld computer, so with a bit of time you can install other stores and run most games your own in those stores.

    4. divinity original sin 2 is an exceptional game, we can play, as well, of you have a steam deck

  4. Here’s an interesting truism I was just thinking about – until you win a couple, no one really gives a shit about teams winning a World Series. Does anyone talk about the Texas Rangers any differently now? No, right? The Posey Giants, the Big Papi Red Sox, the Dynasty Yankees, THOSE teams were talked about differently.

    It’s just interesting how winning the World Series is almost a ho-hum thing unless you do it more than once (and even there, the Astros having one of their two Series wins come in an asterisked season has hurt their legacy).

    1. Wasn’t it the dodgers who won in the asterisk season? The Astros win comes with an asterisk because the cheated. That a different kind of asterisk. And yeah it’s been years but that still steams me.

    2. Nothing the Astros have done since they had the roster that cheated counts.

      In my book, anyway. I invite the rest of the world to join in that approach.

  5. Sorry, I should have clarified that I meant their cheating season as the asterisk. Yeah, the Dodgers won the COVID season, but fuck, if the Yankees had won that year, I would have totally counted that shit, so I can’t give the Dodgers any shit for it. 😉

    That said, again, no one really cares about that Dodgers win because they haven’t won anything since. You really need multiple titles before anyone really cares.

  6. I think the Twins should be forced to play someone in left field whose first and last names start with the same letter.

    Volpe’s a joy to watch.

  7. Also, robot umps. Seriously. There’s no romance to incompetents ruining games.
    The pitch calling sucks. It’s so rare when it’s just acceptable.

    This first inning, on the other hand, is acceptable. Stanton getting non-home-run hits is awesome.

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