July 17, 2024

9 thoughts on “Yankees.com: ‘That was rough’: Rodón stumbles in Yanks’ 2nd straight blowout loss

  1. How good the Braves are at hitting was demonstrated by Y Gomez totally shutting them down the rest of the way.

    Yankees also didn’t hit, outside of a totally misplayed fly ball, they got one hit against Sale and one against the relievers who probably weren’t the Braves best. They need much more out of the non Soto, Judge, Stanton trio. Verdugo is OK, that’s all, and Volpe is only hitting 642/528 over his last 28/14 days.

    And the pen is patched together like Frankenstein’s monster.

    1. Agreed, I should have mentioned the shitty offense.

      By the way, a very nice job by Gomez. You just asked where the minor league help was going to come from, well, Gomez might be it!

  2. What’s with their farm system? Their best pitcher and best long range pitching prospect are hurt. The Martian is hurt, Pereira possible trade bait is out for the season, Jones is severely underperforming his hype while Peraza and Vivas have been terrible. Help is not on the way.

    1. Ann Richards is my recollection but Barry Switzer said it earlier. She probably said it better.

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