July 17, 2024

24 thoughts on “Yankees.com: ‘I have to step it up’: Judge bears burden of Yanks’ offensive woes

  1. Brian, I take issue with this part:

    “and you have a rotation that has one ace and then four dudes who constantly give up home runs, and allow early runs, putting the Yankees’ already shitty offense into big holes that they have to try to climb out of.”

    We’ve seen on at least several occasions that this is patently untrue. They don’t actually HAVE to really try at all.

  2. No team is as good as it looks during a win streak or as bad as it looks during a losing streak…except the 2022 and now 2024 Yankees who are in fact bad.
    Gleyber, Volpe and DJLM are all terrible. Vertugo? Ugh. Relief pitchers? Ugh. Most of the starters? Blah. There’s nothing here to keep me interested. I can’t totally pull myself away but easy enough to find something better to do with my time.

    1. Ok there’s something worth seeing – Aaron Judge. Also maybe one day he’ll explode and go postal on his teammates who stink; that would be fun to watch!

  3. I know the Yankees are set offensively in the infield but from Pinstripe Alley:

    “2B Jorbit Vivas 2-4, 2 2B, RBI, GIDP, HBP — OPS over .940 since June 9th; arbitrary? yes, but we’ll take it”

    His last 21 days he sports an OBP of 447

    1. An interesting idea is to DH Gleyber, and call up Vivas and give him second base for an extended period. Gleyber is gone after this season anyways, why not see if Vivas can be his long term replacement?

    2. I was thinking he could alternately spell Gleyber andDJ against RHPs. He’s got 350 MILB games at 2B and125 at 3b.

    3. Drop Jones? That would be like dropping… IKF! Or any of the other superstars only Boone is sharp enough to see.

  4. Wells moved ahead of Volpe. I’ll allow for Verdugo against the Red Sox for now, but they should really consider moving Wells to the cleanup spot.

    1B Ben Rice L
    RF Juan Soto L
    DH Aaron Judge R
    LF Alex Verdugo L
    2B G. Torres R
    C Austin Wells L
    SS A. Volpe R
    CF T. Grisham L
    3B DJ LeMahieu R

    I do like this lineup well enough.

  5. Volpe can’t be worse than he’s been. Nor can DJLM. Nor can (until last night) Verdugo. So much depends upon whether those guys return from the dead – especially the first two. Or maybe a red wheelbarrow.

    1. But what if they’re only slightly less bad than they are now? Same for Gil and Rodon. Stroman 5 era last month, 6.2 last 2 weeks; Nestor 3.64, 4.76.

    2. True, but that wouldn’t have been such a big deal had the offense not completely tanked, and had Gil not gone from God to garbage. Yes, anything’s possilble – but has Volpe ever been anywhere in between the extremes of amazing or abysmal? And even if that happened – if all three were only somewhat better, and not gaping rifts in the fabric of space-time, that could have been tranformative over the past week or so.

    1. Clarke Schmidt, on the IL since May 27 with a right rotator cuff strain, has been throwing for about a week, the manager said.

      “That’s I think definitely, so far, going according to plan, or how we had hoped,” Boone said, adding that the right-hander is “still a ways off from having to check boxes to getting on the mound and get built up again. But feel like that’s moving in a good direction.”


    2. Thanks. Relatively good news!
      Clarke Schmidt turns out to have been a Big F*ing Deal.

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