July 17, 2024

24 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Gil working to turn the corner as recent struggles continue

  1. Now that the Yankees have entered the Find Out part of the season I don’t have much to say, but the fact that on July 4–a day with no other major sports event, a day on which even the Euros and Copa play no matches–there are no national baseball broadcasts is a travesty for the game.

    1. There is no reason MLB shouldn’t own 4th of July the way the NFL owns Thanksgiving and NBA owns Christmas Day. Rob Manfred remains, always, The Worst.

      (Though the way Goodell is horning in on the NBA’s turf on Christmas Day, I’m shocked he doesn’t have a pads-optional Dolphins workout scheduled on NBC opposite the hot dog eating contest.)

  2. Vertugo OPS+ last four years were 123, 107, 102, 100. This year 95. So the downward trend continues.
    If the Yanks or their fans expected anything other than an average hitter, then they were stupid. Of course average in LF is so much better than last year.

    He’s not the problem. The real problems have been Gleyber, DJLM and Boone. ( And cashman, though he did get Soto. )

  3. gleyber is hitting, time to move him up. 412 over the last week. or DJ. I am fully confident that he can hit 300 before getting hurt again.

  4. oh good, it’s rodon day.

    last 13.2, 20 earned runs.

    at this point it seems clear that we got spotted a bunch of wins and the team is best described as an ace, a couple hitters, and a prayer.

    I guess i’ll just have to adjust my expectations accordingly and hope for the best. hopefully they’ll call some guys up and some people get hot so there’s a reason to watch.

    i will anyway, but normal people.

  5. Aaron Judge, named AL Player of the Month for June, also won it in May. BTW, Bryce Harper also won back-to-back NL awards May, June.

  6. Volpe leadoff now and forever. Rice sits of course. Davis cleanup, Jones DH.
    If Boone managed the Yankees in 2006 O’Neil would’ve been strictly a platoon hitter forever.

    1. It just doesn’t make ANY SENSE. Why in the fuck do they not just fucking give Rice a goddamn real shot? All he has done is be the third-best hitter on the team since he’s gotten here, why the fuck won’t they just let him be?!

    2. It’s true, and it’s unbearable.
      Boone’s such an asshole.
      How can this particular policy of his jibe with his being a players’ manager?

    3. The only negative on Rice’s statcast page is that his bat speed and hard hit % are a little bit pedestrian … but he has such a good swing that he gets a lot more out of it.

    4. Boone isn’t doing this on his own. It is CashBoone at work. Said it last year, Cashman is a saboteur.

    5. you have to keep them rested until they’re sufficiently cooled off.

  7. RAB:Brett “ Judge had the 2nd highest wRC+ in baseball last year and he’s the 8th most improved hitter this year.”

    Statistically dubious.

    1. Oh, 100%, I’ve been noting that the Baltimore game clearly shook the shit out of him. He was pitching scared against the Mets.

      The key, really, is that they need to score some runs for him early, to calm him down, but this team can’t score, so it won’t happen.

    2. So crazy. All these guys have pitched for years, how can they not be used to the fact that sometimes somebody connects.
      No idea if this makes anything more hopeful – or less.
      Interesting, though, if Kay is calling out the players that, among other things, he has to interact with from time to time.

    1. Yeah on his radio show, other than defending Boone he’s been pretty truthful today unlike on broadcasts.

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